An abortion doctor from Texas avoided answering questions asking whether abortion kills "something that's alive" during the hearing held by the United States House of Representatives last week.

The Christian Headlines said OB/GYN Ghazaleh Moayedi was placed on the witness stand for the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impact of the Texas Heartbeat Act. When asked by Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson on the morality and ethics of abortion, Moayedi repeatedly evaded answering directly. Moayedi is said to be a member of the board of the Physicians for Reproductive Health.

The Texas Heartbeat Act, also known as Senate Bill 8, bans abortions on pregnancies six weeks and beyond once a heart beat has already been detected on the unborn. It also gives any individual the right to file a lawsuit against those who conducted an abortion despite the law's provisions on it.

Johnson, during the hearing, specifically asked if abortion kills "something that's alive" to which Moayedi responded that the question asks for a harassing answer.

"Sir, the way that you're asking these questions actually intentionally invite(s) violence and harassment to both of us, to all of us," she answered, referencing her and another witness who supports legalized abortion.

"I'm sorry, that's an absurd response. You're a medical doctor. When you dismember something in the womb-is that a human being or not? It's a living being-yes or no?" Johnson responded.

"I'm here to talk about medical care," Moayedi reasoned.

"Yes, this is a direct question about medical care, ma'am. You positioned yourself as an expert on the issue. Are we taking a life or not? Is it a life? Yes or no?" Johnson reiterated.

"What you are discussing is not the reality of how abortion care is delivered," Moayedi rebutted.

"You know, if we were in a courtroom, I would say that that's non-responsive. And I think we all know why you don't want to respond to that. Because the obvious fact here is that you're taking a human life. It's a small human life. It's a human being," Johnson pointed out.

Johnson went on to ask on abortion being allowed on the basis of sex in Moayedi's "medical opinion." The doctor easily responded that there shouldn't be "any restrictions to bodily autonomy." Then Johnson tried two more times to get a response to his question but failed such that he remarked that let it be noted "that no one answered the question."

In Twitter, Johnson raised the irony that Democrats can't respond directly to simple questions regarding abortion's taking of a "human life." Johnson, despite not getting the answers, enthusiastically pointed out that he will keep on exposing the Democrats and "win" the debate on the issue.

"When confronted with simple, direct questions about whether abortion takes a human life, Democrats never give a straight answer, because the truth is devastating to their cause. We will continue to expose them. This is how we will win the abortion debate," Johnson said Saturday, Nov. 6.

The Judiciary Committee launched the hearing, entitled "The Texas Abortion Ban and Its Devastating Impact On Communities and Families," on Nov. 4. The said hearing is separate from the one launched by the Senate in October entitled, "Texas' Unconstitutional Abortion Ban and the Role of the Shadow Docket."

During the Senate hearing, pro-abortion Democrats tried to discredit the United States Supreme Court justices for not blocking the implementation of the Texas Heartbeat Act last Sept. 1, 2021.