An expert on pandemics who worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2009 to 2013 expressed her concerns in an interview with a Norwegian news site. She said she was particularly concerned since these shots weren't vaccines at all, but rather "a biotechnological, synthetic experiment."

"In the vaccines they see graphene, parasites, metals... Therefore we should stop the vaccination, and ban all injections. Those who continue should be prosecuted," Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger told Norwegian news site, translated via NOQ Report.

Dr. Stuckelberger has 30 years of experience as a researcher and has published 180 publications and 12 books during her career. She was affiliated with the WHO.

"The dangerous thing about the vaccine is that it triggers infection. I do not think it is the spike protein that is the problem, but that the vaccine contains graphene. It's deadly, and now we have statistics. We know," she added.

Dr. Stuckelberger found that the reported fatality rates and side effects account for about 1-10 percent of the actual situation. The European EudraVigilance system, for example, recorded 29,000 deaths at the end of October.

The former WHO employee believes that there are many falsehoods and scams in science, as well as in the systems. She used the PCR test as an example, stating that it is ineffective. Her contention is that doctors are paid to assert that fatalities are caused by COVID even when an autopsy is not performed and even when the cause of death is not related to COVID.

She also said that eight dosages were being introduced onto the market.

"But there was no pandemic. It was a pandemic of PCR, propaganda, fear propaganda...," she maintained. "There is massive corruption and conflicts of interest. Science and the media are also corrupt, the whole system is corrupt."

She also talked about how people who work for vaccine companies can be bought with shares in the companies and that they've been thinking about it for the last 20 years. They control the media and the doctors, too.

The Grand Scheme

Dr. Stuckelberger, noted NOQ Report, disclosed that the WHO is not the same organization as it was in the past by citing how the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI), which is chaired by Bill Gates, approached WHO in 2006 with money. During the intervening years, the WHO has evolved into a very different form of international institution. GAVI developed greater and more power, as well as complete immunity, over time, surpassing even the diplomats at the United Nations.

During an audit conducted in 2014, the WHO was transformed into a corporation with nations operating under it as subsidiaries.

Dr. Stuckelberger said that from 2012 to 2020, the goal of GAVI was to get as many people vaccinated. GAVI is said to have proposed a worldwide action plan for immunization for the period 2012-2020. During this period, GAVI had complete control over the situation, and Gates was in charge of vaccination.

"Bill Gates handled the vaccination," she said, "he took over."

"But then it did not work, they had to create a pandemic," she said citing a work done by Professor John Ioannidis at Stamford University, who found that mortality in 2020 would be no worse than it has been in previous years.

"It's a lie, and no pandemic. The WHO accepts that mortality is not higher, yet they have not declared the 'pandemic' to be over," she said.

The International Facility Finance for Immunization, then, was signed. GAVI, the World Bank, and WHO all agreed to help pay for immunization. Countries, she said, reimburse the WHO, the World Bank, and GAVI for the cost of administering their vaccination programs.

"Before, all countries were free. But now, when I do interviews around the world, I see that each country is part of a 'WHO company'. WHO is no longer a democratic member organization, like the UN," Dr. Stuckelberger continued.

"The various governments form the basis of the 'enterprise'. It logically agrees with what is happening now, since the 'companies' want money, business, and to control people. It's like slavery. The taxes we pay, they go to governments that are subject to 'the company'. Under the multinational organizations, such as GAVI."

She also acknowledged that the media is involved in disseminating misinformation since they are paid for by the international "businesses."

"I call them international pirates," she said. "And the media controls the governments. The media must become independent, they must help the population to obtain free information."