Pro-lifers led by Susan B. Anthony List expressed hopes that the Mississippi Gestational Act will receive the same fate as the Texas Heartbeat Act, which the United States Supreme Court's ruled on Friday to remain in effect.

The SBA List said in a string of posts in Twitter that it celebrates the Supreme Court's decision on the Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8. The influential pro-life organization raised the benefits this decision will bring in saving the lives of the unborn and urged the Supreme Court to decide similarly for the Mississippi Gestational Age Act, which bans abortion for 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The Mississippi Gestational Age Act is the main focus of the landmark case Dobbs v. Jackson's Women Health Organization case the Supreme Court held oral arguments on last December 1. The decision on which is said to come out in June next year.

"We celebrate the news that the Supreme Court will allow the Texas Heartbeat Act to remain in effect while litigation continues. This means the law will continue saving the lives of unborn children and protecting mothers while litigation continues in lower courts," SBA List said.

"Meanwhile, we await the Court's decision in the Dobbs case in which the Court is directly considering the constitutionality of laws that protect unborn children and mothers prior to viability. Dobbs presents the biggest opportunity in generations to modernize our laws," they added.

SBA List's aspirations also come after pro-life legal experts have released projections that the United Supreme Court will favor the Mississippi law based on "clues" the justices left during the oral arguments. The court will actually review the constitutionality of state bans and ruling in favor of the state would mean empowering the people once more to decide on matters of abortion, which legal experts say the 1973 Roe v. Wade has taken away.

"We have great hope that the Supreme Court will return the issue back to the people to decide through their elected representatives, letting democracy and consensus prevail," SBA List remarked.

SBA List showed in Twitter through a video clip that pro-life activists celebrated outside the Supreme Court on Friday when it made the announcement on SB8, which is a law that bans abortions on six weeks of pregnancy once a heartbeat has been detected.

Former Arizona Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee, a pro-lifer and candidate for governor, similarly rejoiced in Twitter following the Supreme Court's decision. Yee stressed that this decision is "good news."

"Pro-Life laws save the precious lives of unborn babies. The Court allowing the TX Heartbeat law to remain is good news for those of us Pro-Life advocates who have been at the forefront for years fighting to protect the sanctity & dignity of human life," Yee said.

According to Life News, the Supreme Court's decision last Friday dismisses the lawsuit filed by President Joe Biden against SB8 in September just days after SB8 took effect on September 1. The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas ruled in October a temporary block in SB8 stating "pregnant people" should be given the opportunity to abort the unborn. While the U.S. Supreme Court accepted last month requests to review arguments posed by Biden against SB8.

Pro-life groups have projected as early as October the "victory" on the United States Supreme Court decision for SB8 in line with Biden's lawsuit. LifeNews announced that the projection comes after the Supreme Court seen to fast track its decision since it is already repeatedly asked by Biden's Administration to block the law.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood criticized the Supreme Court for failing to "protect" women and their rights to kill the unborn in their wombs. The abortion giant highlighted that women in Texas have allegedly been suffering for days because of the implementation of SB8.

"The Supreme Court has once again failed to put an end to Texas's bounty hunting scheme and protect our constitutional rights. They have failed to bring relief to Texas patients and providers who've suffered for 100 days under this unconstitutional law. We'll keep fighting," Planned Parenthood said in Twitter.