The pastor of Faith Fellowship Church in North Carolina shares a handy tool that churches and God-fearing citizens may use to protect more unborn lives in their own counties and cities.

In the episode titled "The Miracle of Yadkin County" available via the Charisma Podcast Network, host Dr. Ray Self interviewed Pastor Keith Pavanski about how his county became a sanctuary for the unborn.

Dr. Self spoke with the man who spearheaded the movement in his county to protect unborn children from the horrors of abortion, Pastor Keith, who then narrates the incredible story of how several North Carolina counties agreed to become safe havens for unborn babies.

With the Yadkin County, Pastor Pavansky said they were the first to pass a resolution that would keep children safe by banning abortions. He claimed that North Carolina is intended to be the "buckle" of the Bible Belt and the geographic center of God's realm. He also disclosed that a veto on the resolution, which said that it is not acceptable to murder children, was rejected.

Nonetheless, Pastor Pavansky said that the church made a difference by taking things into their own hands, which resulted in other counties adopting the resolution designating them as a sanctuary for the unborn in the future.

When asked how this came about, Pastor Pavansky said that they were linked with a national group called "Personhood," which promotes sanctuary cities as a project that can be accomplished through the initiative of churches as a strategic approach.

Concerning the ready resolution that concerned and god-fearing citizens from other states may present to their lawmakers and county officials, Pastor Pavansky promised and advised that they can seek assistance from other Personhood affiliates in other cities or counties.

The principle, he said, is based on the fundamental recognition that all human beings, including the unborn, ought to exercise their fundamental right to life.

"Personhood is much bigger than the abortion issue. It speaks to the rights that you and I have as well," Pastor Pavansky noted.

In agreement, Dr. Self highlighted how it is remarkable that the term "fetus" is nowhere to be found in the Bible, but that the phrase "child in the womb" is used instead. As a result, he is delighted to hear this good news.

Pastor Pavansky also said that they were more than capable of serving as a church and that there is a great deal of enthusiasm among religious organizations. While some churches who are focused on increasing their membership are cautious of addressing the abortion issue, Pastor Pavansky maintained that this is the moral dilemma of today that has to be addressed, since it is also covered by the Gospel.

He stated that when he first urged his congregation to go out and speak to their local authorities, several members were apprehensive. Fast forward to today, he claims that there is a great deal of enthusiasm among them about continuing to fight for the cause. While it was challenging at first, they ultimately became more confident as they saw that their efforts were not in vain as the movement gained more momentum and continued to grow.

On churches, Pastor Pavansky said: "You can't have apathy...Take responsibility for your territory and you can have revival."

He said that there had been testimonies of a decline in abortions when small religious groups gathered in front of Planned Parenthood facilities to pray.

"You just have to show up and pray," he said.