The "American Underdog" reportedly received a rare A+ rating at the cinemas for its impressive Top 5 opening ranking, and has achieved a "stellar gross" in the first two days of its release.

As per the Christian Headlines, the film "American Underdog" received a rare CinemaScore grade of A+ on the first days of its opening. The movie also achieved an estimated $5.89 million sales during its opening that put it to a No. 5 ranking just behind "The King's Man" which had $5.9 million sales.

CinemaScore even congratulated "American Underdog" in Twitter for its amazing achievement and invited the public to watch the film.

More than that, "American Underdog" had a very impressive gross sales considering it opened for only two days on Christmas weekend as compared to "The Kings Man" which opened earlier on December 22. This is why the Hollywood Reporter called it a "stellar two-day gross."

As reported by Christianity Daily days ago, "American Underdog" is a movie by filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin, also known as the Erwin Brothers, about National Football League Quarterback Kurt Warner. The movie presents the conversion story of Warner and the journey he took to achieve his dreams.

Jon Erwin said the aim of filming the movie is to give hope to people in pursuing their dreams, which is most needed these times because of the pandemic that has "assaulted" people's dreams among many other things.

The movie not only dramatizes the career of Warner as Super Bowl winner for the St. Louis Rams, but also his romantic story with Brenda, who helped him in his spiritual growth. Brenda happened to be a divorcee with three kids who he eventually wins over, too.

Reacting to the success of the movie, Warner took to social media to express his appreciation of how it is affecting people.

"So I am the emotional one in the family (no extra comments needed @WarnerBrenda) so to hear that our movie @AmericanUnderdg is making a bunch of grown men cry just warms my heart," Warner said on Tuesday.

Prior to the movie's release, Warner told Christian Headlines that he is looking forward and thrilled to see the impact of the movie on people. Warner also shared that he didn't have any reservations on sharing his life in the film.

"I've always felt like there's a reason that we have the story that we have...I was never worried about sharing the story and putting it on the big screen. I was worried about getting it right," Warner revealed.

"I want to make a movie that impacts people, I want people to leave the theater saying, 'Man, that was good...I think without a doubt, we made that movie," he added.

For those who have not watched the movie yet, Crosswalk says there are four important things would-be watchers need to know about it.

One is that it reveals the "rags-to-riches story" of Warner who used to work night shifts at a Hy-Vee grocery store before his career in football took off. The second is that the Erwin brothers are known to have a history of success for coming out with box office faith-based films, which included the hit film "I Can Only Imagine." The third is that it is "a powerful story about love, sacrifice, and devotion." Finally, it has a "major crossover appeal."