To help a mother trust God's Word over evolutionary science, Bible-based ministry Answers in Genesis aided her in making the right decision.

Answers in Genesis (AiG) founder Ken Ham presented a joyful narrative on December 31 about how God worked through their ministry in the lives of a homeschooling family.

Throughout her life, this mother of five had maintained a deep faith and love for God as well as His Word. While growing up in public schools, she said that she has always been cognitively immobilized when it comes to attempting to distinguish between what she learned as a kid at school and her understanding of God's Word, particularly when it comes to issues dominated by Darwinian evolution.

But given her newfound responsibility for her children, she prayed fervently that God would draw a clear distinction in her mind between "straightforward, Bible-based truth" and all of the falsehoods she had been taught in public schools while growing up.

"Within a very short time of praying this, all separate from each other, my oldest (my 9-year-old) daughter mentioned that she wanted to visit the Ark Encounter, my husband told me we needed to start setting money aside to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter within the next three years, and then, within 30 minutes of my husband's statement, my mom called on the phone saying that she and my dad felt led to send us with our three oldest children to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter," she recalled.

According to her account, she traveled to both locations in July and purchased a large number of books and materials from AiG, as well as watching a number of the shows on Answers TV.

"By the grace of God, my prayer has been answered and I have been delivered from the grip of confusion and lack of confidence in speaking the truth boldly. With all confidence, I can tell you that God used Ken Ham and Buddy Davis' words and songs to speak His truth into me that I needed to hear at just the right time," she said.

She expressed gratitude for the experience and said that she enjoys all of the programs and work produced by AiG, and that she particularly enjoys Dr. Georgia Purdom's work, as well as the work of both Mr. Ham and Buddy Davis.

She concluded her remarks by expressing her support for the AiG team and said that she and her family are praying for them.

"What an incredible testimony to how God is sovereignly using this ministry to build believers up in their faith, give them answers, and equip them to believe, defend, and proclaim the truth of God's Word and the gospel," remarked Ham.

Regrettably, he said, many ministries remain silent on subjects such as the validity of God's Word in Genesis. Numerous apologists and apologetics groups, he added, brazenly conflate God's Word with Darwinian concepts, fostering doubt and more confusion.

Nonetheless, Ham said that now, more than ever, "we need to challenge people with the truth of God's Word and the saving gospel."