The forensic investigation spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Senate on the 2020 Elections results will push through following a local court blocking a subpoena against it on Monday.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has ruled through a seven-page order that the investigation on the elections will move forward on Friday despite great opposition coming from various parties.

"The investigation will move forward despite RINOs, Democrats, and Dominion Voting machines protesting the effort," the media outlet highlighted.

The court did not, however, allow the release of some information challenged by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro due to privacy law protections. Pittsburgh's Action News 4 reported that the "unsigned order" revealed that the court was not persuaded enough by state officials "that the subpoena issued in September by a Republican-controlled Senate committee had no legitimate legislative purpose."

Last May, the Pennsylvania Audit showed that Republican ballots were mislabeled as "Democrat" because the Dominion Voting Machines were "compromised." The incidence of fraud happened at Luzerne County where Dominion Voting Systems electronic screens flashed "Democrat" instead of "Republican" for Republican ballots, which was initially said to be the result of "human error" that eventually became a "ballot screen error."

In September, Mathematician Bobby Piton divulged that there are at least 521,000 phantom voters in Pennsylvania after reviewing a minimum of nine million voters' records. This data came a month after retired Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel exposed 8.1 million excess votes were attributed to President Joe Biden during the 2020 Elections. Keshel's expose highlighted that former President Donald Trump actually won in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Senate decided in November to conduct an investigation on the results of the 2020 Elections following outcomes on the audit held earlier that year and inspired by the Arizona election audit findings. The said investigation was reported to cost $270,000.

The forensic audit faced opposition from the very beginning, with initial attempts being met with refusals from some counties to provide access to voting machines used during the elections.

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano reasoned that the forensic investigation is being done "to restore trust in elections" following the controversy in the 2020 elections. Yet Mastriano's request to the counties of Philadelphila, York, and Tioga was met with resistance.

Besides resistance, the forensic audit similarly lacked support from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf who labeled it a "taxpayer-funded disinformation campaign" in a social media post last July.

"What they're calling for isn't an 'audit.' It's a taxpayer-funded disinformation campaign and a disgrace to democracy. Pennsylvania had a free and secure election. That's a fact. Pennsylvanians deserve better from their elected officials," Wolf claimed in Twitter.

It is but a "major victory" for the forensic audit to finally move forward after many months of court battles. Pittsburgh's Action News 4, a left-leaning media outlet, however, underscored that this does not mean there was "proof vote was rigged" except that the five-judge panel of the court in Harrisburg finds the "2020 election reviews persist."