Students from Baylor University in Waco, Texas are demanding their school to explain why there are Planned Parenthood-related materials in their campus.

World reported that a group of pro-life students belonging to Bears For Life led by David Folks discovered the materials in 2020 and 2021. The materials included a handout from the university's health center that listed Planned Parenthood as a "(sexually transmitted infection) testing resource."

Folks also identified the university's 2006-2007 handbook that named Planned Parenthood's Teen Education Program as an as internship site. He was informed by a Students for Life staff that the university's School of Social Work's website enlisted Planned Parenthood's "Community Health Educator" job opening.

In addition, two pro-life students also informed him that there was a textbook used in the university that regarded abortion to be "safer than childbirth."

Folks said these instances are rather contrary to their university being a Baptist school whose mission is to impart "the person and work of Jesus Christ" through teachings that "embrace its Christian heritage."

"There's not clarity on what Baylor stands for as a Christian university with respect to the sanctity of life," he said.

The pro-life student repeatedly reached out to the university's staff regarding his concern, and was listened to with regards to most, such as removing Planned Parenthood as an STI testing resource and deleting some wording on the website about the pro-abortion magnate.

What remains is the job listing for Planned Parenthood which the School of Social Work retained, and the abortion language in the textbook which the staff he was able to talk to had no authority to amend.

Last week, Christianity Daily reported that Students for Life released a December study exposing over 100 Christian colleges having links to Planned Parenthood. Folks' remaining concerns with his University were in line with the said report, and with regards to 69 Christian schools--both Catholic and Protestant--that support abortion.

The 69 schools, said to be "with infractions," are a majority composed of 37 schools rated B (39%) or schools having one infraction. The rest of the 69 are rated C (19%) or have two infractions at 13 schools, rated D (20%) or have three infractions at 14 schools, and rated F (22%) or have four or more infractions at 15 schools.

Folks noted that he didn't see the Social Work listing for job opportunities inside Planned Parenthood in the same month of the study's release. He indicated that he doesn't know whether the listing was taken down that month or not, and neither does he know why it was removed from the school's job application website.

He clarified that his University may not be promoting Planned Parenthood, but that they were not acting on links that point to having a relationship with them.

"I don't believe that Baylor University is actively promoting abortion. I'm saying that they've been silent and that that's been allowing compromises in various departments that they need to stop," Folks stressed.

Students for Life emphasized in the study the danger of maintaining relationships with Planned Parenthood as the abortion giant is "at odds with Biblical values." The pro-life group also underscored the abortion provider's "documented history" of being racist, of having "eugenic goals," and "of not reporting the sexual abuse and assault of young women and girls."

Prior to releasing that study in December, it revealed in March that Christian schools have already been infiltrated by Planned Parenthood, and released a list of 23 schools that have an "unholy partnership" with the abortion giant.