In September 2021, the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" came to life after sportscasters tried to censor chants of "F--- Joe Biden" during sports games. The battlecry soon became a phrase used by Republicans and President Joe Biden's detractors and critics. But at its peak, one conservative artist wrote a song about it and made it to the top of the iTunes charts. That artist was Christian rapper Bryson Gray.

Bryson Gray made headlines when he released the controversial rap song "Let's Go Brandon," which mocked President Joe Biden and took the No. 1 spot on the iTunes chart away from Adele despite being banned on YouTube and Instagram for allegedly spreading "harmful false information," the New York Post reported.

Gray said in October that part of the reason why he made it to No. 1 on the charts is partly because of the YouTube ban. He shared, "If you read guidelines for social media sites now, the guidelines themselves are against conservatism. You literally can't have a conservative opinion. Like I can't say there are only two genders, or I can't call somebody by what they are. I have to be delusional with them."

"Cancel culture doesn't work anymore. It only works on people who are scared ... all it does is help me out. Thanks, YouTube!" Gray, who is now considered as the "most censored rapper in America," remarked.

According to the NOQ Report, Gray is now "constantly under attack by those who think that just because he's a Christian conservative, he must be some sort of 'sell out.'" Rather, the report argued, the 30 year old rapper from North Carolina is actually "the most honest artist in the field" whose popularity is "purely organic."

Gray recently campaigned for a "parallel economy" in which free speech is fully embraced and Christians, conservatives, and those who do not share mainstream views or those who are marginalized by "woke" institutions are free to express themselves without fear of being condemned for their beliefs. The "parallel economy" is not a new concept, as Gab's CEO Andrew Torba operates on that very thought.

Gray shared that he is a fan of Gab, where users are provided with a free speech platform that is not tied down by the policies of Big Tech. Per its CEO Andrew Torba, an outspoken Christian, Gab is trying to build a parallel economy free from Big Tech's rules, which is why the app cannot be found in stores of the most popular Big Tech names.

Big Tech continues to wage war against "hate speech" and by doing this, companies such as Apple and Google keep apps like Gettr and Parler from allowing "true, legal free speech." In fact, Nick Fuentes was also recently banned by Gettr. Fuentes is a friend of Gray's.

But instead of dropping Facebook and Twitter, Gray encourages Christians to want to participate on sites such as Gab to experience it firsthand. He believes that their support for websites and social networks like Gab will pay off in the long run, as Big Tech continues to crack down on Christian and conservative advocates.

Watch Gray talk about the matter with NOQReport below: