Former President Donald Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White-Cain and the Christian collaborative network CityServe have partnered with other groups to fly an airplane filled with donations bound for Europe to feed Ukrainian refugees.

WND reported that Pastor Paula White-Cain, a televangelist on the prosperity gospel, and CityServe aim to bring one million meals through a fundraiser they created. The partners raised that Americans need to act on top of praying for Ukraine by being the hands, heart, and feet of Jesus literally in this life because that is how God made us to be.

The other organizations Cain and CityServe have tapped for their initiative include Mercy Chefs, Intercessors for America, Paula White Ministries, Revival Ministries, Pentecostal Union of Romania, No Child Hungry, Intercessors for Ukraine, and Pentecostal European Fellowship. The organizations have already secured an airplane for the undertaking that is particularly bound for Romania and Poland.

"That cargo plane will go over to Poland, Romania. We'll get in Poland. We'll take the meals there. We're working with the churches. We've got one of the strongest infrastructures, and we will make a difference to the Ukrainian refugees," Cain disclosed.

"This is costly, but I've got to ask you, what is the price of human dignity, compassion, care, and showing the love of Jesus and fulfilling scripture?" She pointed out.

As part of the initiative, the group has also gathered more than 1,800 volunteers to prepare the one million meals at Orlando, Florida's City of Destiny church this last Friday and Saturday. Cain is the overseeing pastor of City of Destiny. She expressed on Twitter her amazement at God's powerful hand in bringing the humanitarian undertaking into a reality.

The undertaking took only five days to organize, according to City of Destiny Executive Pastor Todd Lamphere in an interview with The Western Journal. Lamphere attributed the incredible feat of getting the packaging materials and the food to the church quickly to No Child Hungry. Lamphere detailed that the hot meals that will be provided to the Ukrainian refugees include apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast and pasta variants for dinner. He said that the meals might also be provided to those in Ukraine themselves aside from the refugees in Romania and Poland.

Meanwhile, CityServe announced in its Facebook account on Sunday that feeding centers and tents have already been set up along the borders and in Ukraine "to offer help and hope" to those gravely affected by the violence inflicted by the Russia's invasion.

More than 139,000 Ukrainians fled to Romania since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine last February 24. While hundreds of thousands have fled to Poland in panic for their lives' safety and security. The United Nations Commission for Refugees reported last week that millions of Ukrainians are still expected to do so as the military conflict surges. Moldova, Hungary, and other nearby European countries are the areas Ukrainians have sought refuge for safety. The UN estimated that four million Ukrainians will seek shelter in other European countries, causing the biggest migration in recent history.

Many organizations--both religious and private--and individuals have then launched humanitarian efforts to address the dire need of Ukrainians in the ongoing conflict. One of them is World Central Kitchen, which served hot meals to thousands of refugees in various camps across Europe. While Samaritan's Purse President Franklin Graham setup up hospitals in Lviv as part of their humanitarian efforts, which NASCAR supported with a $302,000 fund that was raised for the victims.