An influential journalist and best-selling author shared the current situation in Ukraine following his visit to the nation to deliver food.

In his article on Charisma Magazine, Stephen Strang said that he was able to have an interview with Mike Evans on his podcast just hours after the latter arrived from the war-torn country.

"It's a disaster. I saw miles and miles of women and children waiting at the border. No men. Just women and children. They've spent two or three days on the road and 14 hours on trains that are totally dark. There's no water on the trains so these people are coming off the trains in total shock. I've been in 41 war zones. This is the worst I've seen," Evans revealed.

Evans  is the founder of Friends of Zion Museum in Israel and Corrie ten Boom Fellowship Museum in Holland. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and an award-winning journalist who has written over 5,000 articles.

The author said that they went to Ukraine to bring food for the survivors. The local pastors told him that the people are starving because they were cut off from food supplies.

He also disclosed that Russia is hitting everything, firing its own airspace and targeting even the Ukrainian civilians.

"... They're firing their missiles over Russian airspace. Thirty missiles hit where I was and killed 34 people and wounded 125, but they were fired from Russian airspace by planes," Evans stated.

He shared that when missiles were fired near him early morning, he found nowhere to hide but a tiny room. At that moment, he decided to fully trust God for protection, recalling the words of Corrie ten Boom.

"Jesus is my hiding place," ten Boom stated.

Evans said that through standing by those words, God gave him peace.

He expressed his admiration for pastors who are staying in the country just to help the congregations. He then suggested a way on how Christians from other countries can help.

"I think believers have to step up to the plate and unite with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine. They are hurting right now. They need all the support we can give them," Evans declared.

Strang said that Charisma Media has launched a fund raising campaign to help the people in Ukraine. Donors can donate by visiting

The podcaster concluded with Evans' prayer, asking God that the power of the Holy Spirit will bind the evil spirits on Vladimir Putin which are causing him to allow the barbaric attacks of his forces on Ukraine.

The Russia-Ukraine war has driven millions of Ukrainians out of their country and forced them to find refuge in other nations by escaping through Poland, Romania and Moldova. From these countries, they can process their papers if they wish to go further like Israel, United States or United Kingdom.

Some personalities, such as Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, have also gone their way to raise funds for the refugees.

In a tweet, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the Hollywood pair for the initiative which was able to raise $35 million.

"... Grateful for their support. Impressed by their determination. They inspire the world," Zelensky wrote.