After successfully holding a massive rally against the Walt Disney Company early this month, "Let Us Worship" Founder Sean Feucht announced the next Hold The Line rally in Florida on May 16.

The recording artist turned activist Sean Feucht announced on Twitter on Tuesday the next "Hold The Line For Our Kids" rally will be in front of the La Buana Vista, Florida Walt Disney Theme Park. The worship leader asked the public to help spread the word and highlighted the website address of his online signature campaign, "Parents Fight Back," against the entertainment giant. On the website, the exact location of the rally will be at the corner of Hotel Plaza Boulevard and S. Apopka Vineland Road.

"See you in a few weeks Orlando!" Feucht declared in a succeeding tweet.

Commenting on the proceedings in the Florida legislature, Feucht expressed on Twitter that demons seemed to be shrieking since children aged four years would be kept from learning sexual orientation. He went on to say that the collapse of CNN+, Disney, and Netflix reveal to Americans that they are all tired of being lied to. This is on top of Americans being hungry for revival and not wanting woke corporations to teach their children about sex. He also highlighted that 2022 is the Year of the Parents, mimicking what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during the closure of the 2022 Legislative Session.

As previously reported, Feucht held a massive rally in front of Walt Disney's Burbank, California studio last April 6. The rally intended to uphold the innocence of children against the all-out support the Walt Disney Company has launched for the LGBTQ+ community through their programs and offerings.

Disney has pledged a crusade to repeal Florida's Parental Rights In Education Law, which they mislabeled as the "Don't Say Gay" bill. The law, which does not mention anything about not saying gaying gay in its text, only prohibits classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation in young children.

According to Faithwire, the April 6 rally was participated by hundreds of conservatives and Christians, including at least one member of the Disneyland cast. Feucht said, in an earlier interview with the media outlet, that Christians forget they have the great power to make change happen in society if only they speak up. He pointed out that parents have been blindsided by what Disney is now doing for the "sexualization of children."

"I think Christians sometimes--they get way too soft. They don't realize that they're powerful. We have a voice that can change things economically for Disney. We have a voice that can change things politically in this country. We're called to be salt and light in every part of society. So when issues like this happen, we don't just back down; we have to stand up," Feucht revealed.

Feucht, during the April 6 rally, also pledged to unceasingly fight for America's children, his children, and their future. He pointed out that the children of this generation are heavily assaulted by indoctrination and propaganda unlike those of his time. He called on parents to fight for their children, especially against what Disney is doing to their children.

Before having her daughter, Keturah, lead prayers for their worship during the rally, Feucht reminded parents to fulfill their God-given role as parents, which is to mold children in the way of the Lord. This, he said, would only be done if the Bible is made great again at home. Parents must read the Scriptures to their children and teach them about it.