Approximately 40% of Generation Z think Jesus was a human who sinned like everyone else while on earth, the American Bible Society tells in State of the Bible 2022.

Gen Z's viewpoint, which polled at 38%, was akin to that of other age groups, including Generation X (37%), millennials (35%), and boomers (35%). Of the oldest age group, the percentage of those who believes Jesus sinned are at 26%. The percentages based on age groupings do not take into account whether individuals questioned are Christians or non-Christians, Kentucky Today reported.

The findings are published in Chapter 2 of the 2022 report, which focuses in part on how the Bible impacts people's perceptions of spiritual matters, notably God, Jesus, and Satan.

ABS researchers teamed up with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago to poll a nationally representative group of individuals about the Bible, faith, and the church. A representative sample of persons 18 and older from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. responded to the study, which was conducted online through telephone.

Additionally, 18% of Scripture-engaged thought Jesus was a sinner. He was seen as a sinner by 33% of individuals in the Movable Middle category, which includes both Bible-friendly and Bible-neutral people. Those classified as Bible Disengaged have the highest percentage of respondents who believe Jesus was a sinner at 43%.

To further study the change in beliefs of people, ABS had asked people their beliefs about certain points of basic bible theology. Aside from asking about their beliefs if Jesus sinned, they also asked if respondents believed God was an "all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the cosmos who dominates the world today." The result showed that 76 percent of the Movable Middle and 33 percent of the Bible Disengaged agreed on God's description as stated in the study.

By generation, 57 percent of Gen Z held a Scripture-based understanding of God, compared to 48 percent of millennials, 63 percent of Gen X, 67 percent of boomers, and 82 percent of the elderly, regardless of Bible engagement.

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Gen Z High Curiosity On Jesus and/or the Bible

ABS found that Gen Z had a high level of curiosity about Jesus and/or the Bible, with 75 percent lying somewhere between a bit curious (11 percent) and extremely curious (25 percent) (31 percent). One-fifth (21%) said they were curious, while 13% said they were moderately curious.

Curiosity has been dubbed "the most undervalued persuasive tool." If that's the case, ABS said, Christians are in a good position to communicate God's message with their peers since "curiosity about who Jesus is and what the Bible teaches is on the rise," ABS added.

"It affects all generations." With 87 percent curiosity, the elder generation leads all age groups, despite a reduction in Bible readership, there was an increase in curiosity.

According to ABS, understanding the problems that non-practicing Christians have and assisting them in finding solutions in the Bible is critical for churches, ministries, and practicing Christians. They stressed the importance of inviting non-practicing Christians into life-giving relationships based on biblical faith and a thriving Christian community.

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