A transgender activist is warning parents that the trans movement is now using deceptive language on children and protections for the young are disappearing.

Trans advocate and educator Buck Angel, who was born female and began transitioning 30 years ago, identifies as a "transexual man" and now works towards educating others about the dangers of the transitioning of children, calling it a form of indoctrination. The 59 year old, who is also an actor and producer of adult films and began transitioning at the age of 28, has been honest about his journey but warns against the transgender movement.

"I am not a biological man. I never will be. I'm very honest about that, and it's why the world is accepting of me. So why are we teaching kids to lie?" Angel said, as reported by Faithwire.

The trans activist warned parents about the mistruths coming from the transgender movement, specifically about rhetoric. Angel argued that female terms are now being changed or limited to "period people" and "birthing people," which is increasingly deceptive and unfair to women. On top of this, the trans activist also raised concerns about safety and the belief that "anyone can be trans," which Angel believes is not true.

Trans Activist Criticizes the System That Should Help Young People with Gender Dysphoria

Angel has a self-described mental disorder called gender dysphoria and lamented that the system which once helped people ensure that they were determined to transition is no longer solidified. The activist told Fox News that nowadays, anyone with or without gender dysphoria can be trans.

"Now we have trans with no gender dysphoria, no need for it to be a disorder, no need for mental health care, self ID, affirmation therapy," Angel lamented. "That says to me, on some level, some form of indoctrination. It's like, 'Anyone can be trans, join the party.'"

Moreover, the trans activist said that she not only received backlash for criticizing the system but also believes that the trans community is "being weird" and is "fast-tracking" transgender services for children instead of taking the time to ask appropriate questions. Angel expressed concern that she was observing a "vast, huge desire to fast track" children into transgender individuals. She also expressed concern about the process of blocking puberty, which he called "disastrous."

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Trans Activist Raises Concerns Over 'Indoctrination' of Kids

Angel underscored the seriousness of the matter, saying that transitioning "isn't a game" and it's not something anyone can "pick or choose." She warned, "Once you choose this life and do this what I did, there really is no turning back."

Another problem is the limited research that shows the dangers of transition of children. Puberty blockers being given to trans children to prevent development as their birth gender are in fact pharmaceuticals used off-label. The Department of Health and Human Services consider puberty blockers reversible, but some studies have shown that these have long-lasting side effects on a person's body.

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