The American insurance company has come under fire for distributing LGBT-themed books to kids as young as five years old.

Non-profit organization Consumers' Research has accused leading U.S. insurance company State Farm of pushing LGBT agenda onto children when it distributed LGBT-themed books to five year old kids. State Farm, which has been operating for over 100 years now, teamed up with the Gender Cool Project to raise awareness on gender identity issues in children through advocacy and public awareness programs, a leaked internal email from January 18 revealed.

"The project's goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support out communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children Age 5+," an email from Jose Soto, State Farm's corporate responsibility analyst, read. CBN News reported that this email was sent to all Florida agents.

As per Soto, State Farm was looking for six agents in Florida who would be interested in participating in the "unique project" that involved receiving books with the LGBT agenda in March and distributing them to their community by the end of of April. Soto also explained that agents are "key to the success" to the LGBT-themed program, as about 550 State Farm agents and employees across America will have the opportunity to distribute the three-book bundle with the LGBT agenda to their "local teacher, community center or library of their choice."

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State Farm Teams Up with LGBT Advocate to Distribute Books on Transgenderism

The leading U.S. insurance company, together with Gender Cool Project, which describes itself as a "non-profit organization [and] youth-led movement helping replace misinformed opinions with positive experiences," are distributing a book bundle that includes "A Kids Book About Being Transgender" by Gia Parr, "A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary" by Hunter Chinn-Raicht, and "A Kids Book About Being Inclusive," written by Rebekah Bruesehoff. Each book discusses gender and identity, which is "individual" for each person and their experience.

Consumers First Executive Director Will Hild told Fox News that it was important to expose State Farm's actions so that parents aware aware of it and can protect their children from being exposed to materials with an LGBT agenda. He accused the leading U.S. insurance company of "targeting five-year-olds, the public schools for inappropriate discussions around sexual identity." Hild said they were calling out State Farm for such actions and sounding the alarm for parents and customers of the insurance company who he hopes would urge the company to discontinue the project.

Consumers' Research Responds to State Farm's LGBT Agenda Project

Consumers' Research, which describes itself as "an independent educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization" geared towards increasing the "knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers" and promoting "the freedom to act on that knowledge and understanding," has also launched a campaign against State Farm. The nonprofit released a 30-second ad titled "Like a Creepy Neighbor" that slams the leading U.S. insurance company's slogan.

In the ad, the narrator declared that State Farm claims to be a "good neighbor" but asks audiences, "But would a good neighbor target five-year-olds for conversations about sexual identity?" Hild said that State Farm's LGBT agenda may extend well outside Florida. He urged people to come forward if they were affected by this project to find out "how many kids may have been affected."

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