Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association or BGEA, recently wrote a column about rejecting "progressive Christianity" because it is "not a Gospel at all" and does not follow core biblical doctrine. The 69 year old father of four warned that this teaching not only rejects core biblical doctrine but can be a way for people to go to hell instead of heaven.

"The real, ultimate danger is that progressive Christianity can send a person to hell. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true," Graham warned in a column he wrote for Decision Magazine. The evangelist argued that progressive Christianity is wrong on different issues, including sexuality and marriage, as well as the deity of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Sounds the Alarm on Progressive Christianity and Its Effects on a Person

Graham's Decision Magazine column titled "The Eternal Peril of Progressive Christianity" argued that the ideology "denies the divinely inspired, authoritative truth of the Bible as it intersects every facet of living." The evangelist cited the example of marriage between man and woman, as mandated by Scripture. Graham argued that those who believe in progressive Christianity "twist and distort" God's Word on sexuality, and instead focuses on "nonsensical trends as gender identity."

Graham, who has been labeled by some leaders in the United Kingdom as a "hate preacher" for rejecting gender identity and upholding biblical beliefs on sexuality, argued that proponents of progressive Christianity not only "deny God's distinction of the sexes" but also "invent their own misguided standards."

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Progressive Christianity Also Affects Justice

As per Graham, progressive Christianity also affects justice. The Christian Headlines reported that the evangelist believes progressive Christianity concerns itself with "issues of social and racial justice" but "neglects the...fundamental issue of God's justice," which is how He deals with "sinful and wicked men."

Graham continued to blasted progressive Christianity as an ideology that does not focus at all at Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, but instead causes "spiritual confusion and chaos." He added that it also does not recognize the consequences of men's "depraved, sinful state."

Graham lamented that teachings about Jesus' life and sacrifices, including his death on the cross, is often "neglected and distorted" in progressive Christianity, arguing that it is not forward thinking, but backward thinking in the sense that it is not Gospel-based at all. He also called upon evangelicals to "guard the truth of genuine Scriptural preaching and living" and staying true to what Scripture teaches.

Graham is currently o his "God Loves You" tour in the United Kingdom, which will bring him to the Sheffield Arena on May 25, the Emmanuel Centre on June 20, and ExCel London on July 16. The events are completely free of charge.

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