Amidst the pressure he receives from various crowds, NBA Star Jonathan Isaac shared that Gospel was his defense to avoid being carried away by the different world's views.

In his recent interview with The Christian Post, Isaac said that Jesus Christ was the "answer to prejudice, racial unrest, and pain," not political movements. He pointed out that any political structure or ideology wouldn't provide people their salvation, which he believes is a necessary thing for everybody.

Isaac is known to be firm in the principles he stands by. In 2020, the Orlando Magic forward was the only NBA player to refuse to kneel while the National Anthem of America was being played. He also refused to wear a "Black Lives Matter" shirt in the NBA bubble, even in the wake of George Floyd's death. 

According to Isaac, the Black Lives Matter movement certainly asserted to serve as a "savior to the black race," but he argued that they're not qualified to do that. He acknowledged that racism wasn't the sole concern of humans, emphasizing that the Gospel was a way to change the hearts of men. He added that if people could only learn to love each other the way God loves them, change would happen.

Recently, he became also an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 vaccine, pointing out that it shouldn't be a mandatory thing for people. For him, it mustn't be forced on anyone.

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Living A God-Centered Life

He detailed his journey of making his life God-centered in his book "Why I Stand," pursuing truth in his choices despite odds.

At a young age, Isaac revealed that he experienced difficulty fitting in socially. It worsened when his parents split up and they needed to move into a white community in Naples, Florida.

When he got to live with his mom alone, he shared that as if he was walking around on eggshells all the time because he feared being rejected by people. It was through basketball that he found acceptance among his peers. Other people appreciated him for he was good at playing basketball. From then on, he focused on the sport.

Despite rising to fame, the top basketball player in Florida struggled "internally with deep feelings of inadequacy and insecurity." Basketball became his front to hide his self-doubt, he added.

An encounter with a man in an elevator made him realize that he was living a lie. He said thiis man told him, "I can tell you how to be great. You have to know Jesus." That encounter and some experiences of God intervening in his life flipped his life around.

The abounding love of Jesus Christ motivated him to work hard, replacing the lie that he should always please people. His sole focus now was to make the Lord be delighted in his life, he said.

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