A new wave of series awaits viewers of "The Chosen" as Angel Studio announced more than $100 million of new original content during an investor's event last week, aiming to showcase light amid the darkness of the current times.

Angel Studios CEO Neal Harmon thanked all the investors during "Illuminate 2022" which paved the way to produce new titles including "The Chosen" Season 3. He said it's their goal to "amplify great stories that emanate light."

In his teary eyes, he shared how he was moved by the story of how the Statue of Liberty was created. From its humble beginning and crowdfunding made by American and French people for 10 years, the Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol that would help people understand how individuals can be impacted by a story.

Just like how Frank Capra, the director of "It's A Wonderful Life," was impacted by the symbol that the Statue of Liberty represents - freedom. Afterward, this movie impacted his career same with Dallas Jenkins, director of "The Chosen." They both agreed that this was the best movie of all time.

Bankruptcy and Lawsuit

He looked back from the time he and his wife just wanted to teach their son a valuable story of honesty through the movie "Cinderella Man." However, this movie contained foul words that he wouldn't let his children to hear at a young age. He did a little coding to mute the bad words.

Through their research, they found that many American parents wanted the same. So, they went on streaming films and series on their streaming platform VidAngel. After their lawsuit battle with Disney, the Harmon brothers realized to establish Angel Studios as an option for parents who would like child-friendly content for their children. He said that they used the half of $10 million that people funded for their lawsuit to establish Angel Studios.

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Success And Opportunities

Then he went on enumerating their success since last year. He was thankful for the supporters and investors that Angel Studios grew despite the hardships.

Harmon also announced how they will realize their goal of making "The Chosen," be viewed by 1 billion people by 2027. Jared Geesey, Senior VP of Global Distribution for Angel Studios, announced that the show will be translated into different languages, including French.

Angel Studios connects content creators to investors who are willing to crowdfund for their chosen film and series and in return would let them generate income. Their pilot films and series have a positive outcome from the audience and generated a staggering amount of income.

This 2022, Harmon announced the "Torch Line Up" that investors helped fund these new titles for more than $100 million. This includes titles such as "Luso," "The Chosen" Season 3, "Tuttle Twins" Season 2, "Dry Bar Comedy" Season 10, "The Wingfeather Saga," "The Riot and The Dance," "Jungle Beat," "David," "Pharma," "The German King," "Truth and Conviction," and "Testament."

Aside from movies and series, Harmon said they are also venturing into theatrical performances and publishing kid's books.

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