More than 700 people received the gospel of Jesus Christ in the recent “God Loves You” UK Tour of Franklin Graham despite pushback from the LGBTQ and the COVID-19 pandemic. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Samaritan's Purse President and CEO shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with 11, 000 people in Liverpool, Newport, and Sheffield.

BGEA UK Director Robert Chilvers told Global News Alliance that "God stepped in and it was a key time for them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ." They have an opportunity to encourage other people after the results of the pandemic and everything is returning to normal.

With the acceptance they received, the BGEA urged other churches to also share the Gospel "clearly and boldly."

Together with Christians from more than 2,000 churches across the United Kingdom, the UK Tour became possible. Many people partnered with Graham because they "all believe the hope-filled message of the Bible needs to be shared in their communities." BGEA appreciated all the people who came in support of the outreach.

Harrow International Christian Centre Senior Pastor Revd. Paul James said the UK needs Jesus Christ since many people were "gripped with sorrow and the pain of loss."

Many Christian artists performed in the family-friendly event like the Christian Rock band Newsboys, CeCe Winans, and Michael W. Smith.

Chilvers noted that they've been training people to lead small groups called "Discovery Groups" in the local churches. They were encouraged that many churches responded to their call of establishing these groups since the need grew because hundreds of people responded to the gospel.

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Protests Against Graham

Graham went on his way to the UK despite pushback received from the LGBTQ community. BBC reported event ads saying "Looking for something more?" was considered a hate speech for Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotheram.

Rotheram was angered by Graham's conviction regarding the sanctity of marriage and sexuality. He urged Stagecoach and Arriva vehicles to put down the ads of Graham immediately. In his letter, he alleged Graham has been causing division among them which needs to be stopped.

Meanwhile, Stagecoach and Arriva vehicles said the advertisement adhered to their internal policies and advertising standards.

CBN News reported that BGEA reiterated there's no offense in the advertisements. BGEA and Graham were targeted because of their Christian beliefs which according to them are "familiar and predictable."

In his last tour in Sheffield, Graham said many changes happened after the pandemic, but one thing remains, "God and God's love for people." Referencing John 3:16, he shared the Lord's desire for repentance and eternal life for people through his son, Jesus Christ.

"If you will confess your sins to Him, ask His forgiveness, turn from your sin, and put your faith and trust in Him," he said. He asked people to join him in prayer for people who accepted Jesus Christ.

Graham announced his looking forward to his fourth stop in London on July 16.

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