Focus On The Family's Plugged In Director Adam Holz raised in a recent interview that parents are fighting back against Disney for pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda on their children.

Adam Holz, a veteran editor who currently oversees Plugged In's reviews, lamented to CBN News how the Disney he grew up with does not exist anymore. Holz recounted curling up with a blanket surrounded by his family on Sunday nights to watch one of The Wonderful World of Disney's movies when he was a child. He said the company has recently jumped to the forefront of the LGBTQ+ agenda with an "activist position" in an effort to become culturally relevant.

"There are parents saying, 'Wait a minute, why do we have to import a sexual message into kids' programming?' And so even if we talk beyond this specific LGBT agenda, I think there's concern that why does everything have to be sexualized? Is it possible to just have entertainment that's innocent, that leaves that for later and doesn't bring that into everything we're doing?" Holz raised.

Parents' Broken Trust On Disney

Holz said that Disney is synonymous with trust but they have become just another entertainment provider, which parents do not trust anymore. Parents, he pointed out, do not want the LGBTQ agenda preached to their children.

CBN cited a recent national survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group that showed almost 70% of American voters do not like to do business with Disney for exposing children to sexual ideas.

Disney's targeting of children with their pro-LGBTQ offerings has surfaced since last year. Such offerings involved remaking movies they've previously produced and/or integrating an LGBTQ character into them. This excludes placing LGBTQ characters or scenarios in the background that hit on a child subliminally.

But it was only recently that this agenda was exposed to the public through videos of Disney's filmmakers admitting to it. This is on top of Disney having a feud with Florida's Parental Rights in Education Act, which came out in March.

The LGBTQ+ community opposed the law and prompted Disney CEO Bob Chapek to do something about it. Chapek, later on, affirmed the company's commitment to fully supporting the LGBTQ+ community not only in their films and product offerings but also in a self-declared war against legislation that accordingly discriminates against them.

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An offshoot of Chapek's statements is "Lightyear," Disney's recently-released prequel to the "Toy Story" series that focuses on Buzz Lightyear. The movie has met a string of negative criticisms for including not only a kissing scene between two women characters but also details of their relationship in it.

Disney's Open Attack On Christianity

Holz pointed out in a review of the movie that what's troubling about it is not the kissing scene but its full embrace of the LGBTQ+ ideology, which directly conflicts with what the Bible teaches on sexuality and on marriage between a man and a woman.

Holz stressed that the movie normalizes the relationship of two women as something unremarkable. The movie shows how Buzz is fully aware of Alisha being gay, who later gets "married" to Kiko, gets pregnant, lives together for decades, and shows this is "how things are supposed to be."

According to Holz, many fans of Pixar and "Toy Story" would experience an enormous disappointment because of Disney's "deliberate, intentional and political embrace of such a radical, activist position on this issue." He said Buzz Lightyear is an iconic and beloved character that many families "otherwise would have enjoyed" had it not for its LGBTQ+ narrative.

"But just as Disney feels it must take a particular stand on this cultural issue, many families with equally strong, sincerely held biblical convictions will likely choose to pass on Lightyear's advocacy of the LGBT agenda here," he underscored.

A matter Movieguide agrees to in its review of "Lightyear." Movieguide emphasized that Disney's public stance on the LGBTQ+ Agenda would only ostracize Christians who happen to be one of their largest audiences and makeup 69% of the American population as per a 2021 Gallup survey.

The entertainment outfit said that Disney has become more sinister in its open attack on Christianity by failing to uphold moral truth, much like many companies today: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Netflix.

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