The Zion Lutheran Church in Medford sold its property for half-million dollars and the congregation donated the money to five social service organizations in the community. According to Mail Tribune, the disbanded church distributed five checks for $104,392.26 each. In the article, it said that the church's beneficiaries of the checks are ACCESS, St. Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, Maslow Project, and the Gospel Mission.

President Debbie Bowman of the church council that the action was for the continuation of the legacy of Zion Church.

Selling Zion Lutheran Church

The article also talked about the sale of the church which the council voted upon favorably in January of this year. The building was sold to Pacific Bible College in May and the church then collected and packed pieces of the church for donations to historical societies.

The article added that the Pacific Bible College intends to use the property as a campus. Reportedly, as a form of respect to the church, the college is apparently planning a huge timeline wall of the church that lists down important moments and family histories. It also intends to preserve the church's stained-glass windows.

As for the funds from the sale, the church council decided that it would be best to "keep it in the community." The five organizations were chosen and voted upon by the council as they believe that they could provide "the best" in the community. The council also took into consideration the organizations that the church has supported in the past.

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Beneficiaries of Zion Lutheran Church

ACCESS is an Oregon organization that provides essential needs and services to people in need in Jackson County. It is the Community Action Agency of the county that has been reaching out to people since 1976 to fight poverty. The organization's services include affordable housing, weatherization, and utility assistance, to name a few.

On its page, it says that the Society of St Vincent de Paul is dedicated to serving everyone regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, disability or any other characteristics. The society's services include its thrift store and an urban rest stop. In its main building and warehouses, the society provides needs for food, furniture, school supplies, as well as seasonal items for people in need.

The Salvation Army is known as a global charity organization that reaches out to over 130 countries. The organization has over 1.5 million members dedicated to the mission of the organization. On its page, it says that it is an "international movement" and that it is the evangelical part of the universal Christian Church.

As for the Medford Corps of the organization, it provides services through its thrift store, food programs, and a transitional program called "Hope House." 

The Maslow Project is an organization that specifically provides for the needs of homeless youth and families. In the core of its projects, the organization aims to "break the cycle of youth homelessness."

Lastly, the Medford Gospel Mission is a charitable organization that has been providing relief since 1959.

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