With Donald Trump's declining support among evangelicals, Ron DeSantis is capitalizing on the revival of conservative Catholicism. His appeal to religious voters has drawn attention from prominent evangelical leaders, with Everett Piper declaring Trump must go and an unnamed leader predicting GOP defeat if Trump becomes the nominee.

On the other hand, Brad Cranston of Baptists for Biblical Values sees DeSantis as the best option for the future. Christian leaders rally behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, making him the favored candidate among the religious community.

Ron DeSantis as Conservative Voice for Christians

Christian leaders play a significant role in presidential elections, as they can mobilize and influence large portions of the religious voting bloc. Their endorsement and support can provide a candidate with a strong base of supporters and add credibility to their campaign.

In recent elections, Christian leaders have become increasingly influential, and their choice of a candidate can significantly impact the election outcome. In a recent article in Christianity Daily, as the 2024 presidential race heats up, conservative Christian leaders are searching for a new candidate to support.

With concerns about Trump's political weaknesses and potential rivals appealing to the religious right, DeSantis has emerged as a leading candidate among these leaders. In an article in MSN, Cranston praised DeSantis as a "fighter" and pointed to his actions on critical social issues as a reason for his strong appeal among conservative Christians.

Republicans see DeSantis as a formidable challenger to Trump, particularly after his decisive victory in the Florida elections and his national reputation built through his political actions.

According to the New Republic, as DeSantis gains popularity among conservative Christians, Trump's critics try to understand his appeal. Some view DeSantis as more intelligent and disciplined than Trump and admire how he frames his political views in religious terms, reminiscent of an evangelical culture war preacher.

However, it's important to note that DeSantis embodies a white Catholic morality, a rising trend. To fully comprehend DeSantis' rise, support, and the fear he elicits among some, one must acknowledge his Catholic brand of hate.

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Strong Advocate for Conservative Christian Values

In an article in Tampa Bay Times, DeSantis strongly advocated conservative Christian values in his speeches and campaigns. He has consistently used biblical references in his public appearances, including at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando and the Florida Republican Party's annual gathering.

Additionally, he has aligned himself with right-wing political figures who promote Christian power, such as Doug Mastriano. The recent attack on the U.S. Capitol, where Christian nationalism was evident, has only amplified the visibility of these ideologies and DeSantis' association with them.

Mike Evans, a prominent figure in the evangelical community and a supporter of Trump in 2016, has shifted his stance on the former President. In interviews, Evans has expressed his belief that the division in the evangelical movement is due to the disconnect between Trump's actions and biblical values. According to Yahoo! News, He and his group have acknowledged their mistake in ignoring what horrified them about Trump in the past and have stated that they can no longer turn a blind eye.

Evans believes that Trump cannot save America and that he only used the support of the evangelical community to win the White House. He feels it's time for a change and the movement to rally behind someone who embodies biblical values.

With DeSantis' strong stance on critical social issues, political victory in the Florida elections, and effective framing of his agendas in religious terms, DeSantis is seen as a strong contender for the conservative Christian vote.

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