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The increasing persecution of Christians in different countries has been a pressing issue and also called for a change and urged religious freedom. A "The Voice" contestant shared her story growing up in Pakistan.

According to a shared article in Christianity Daily, "Christian persecution" refers to the discrimination, mistreatment, or oppression of individuals or groups of Christians due to their religious beliefs. This can manifest in various ways, including physical violence, imprisonment, social exclusion, forced conversion, and economic discrimination.

Christian persecution is a widespread issue affecting millions of people worldwide. It is particularly severe in countries with authoritarian governments or where religious minorities face discrimination, such as North Korea, Iran, and China-Pakistan, where the birthplace of the contestant ranks 7 on the World Watch List.

Pakistani who Faced Christian Persecution Stunned the Judges and the Crowd

Tasha Jessen, a contestant on the popular singing competition show "The Voice," has captured viewers' hearts with her moving story of growing up in Pakistan. According to Movie Guide, as the only Christian child in her school, Jessen faced religious persecution and could not leave her house, but her parents' musical talents inspired her love for singing.

The family eventually fled Pakistan and moved to Thailand before settling in Colorado, USA, where Jessen now lives with her husband and sings in her church's worship band. Jessen's audition on "The Voice," where she sang Leon Bridges' "River," was well-received by the judges, and she chose Blake Shelton as her coach. Shelton praised Jessen's unique voice and called her a star, and Jessen hopes her performance will inspire young girls in Pakistan to follow their dreams.

Jessen got all three male coaches, Chance, Niall, and Blake, to turn their chairs. According to Lifestyle UG, Blake Shelton persuaded Tasha to join his team, Team Blake, for his final season as a coach. He complimented her unique voice and expressed his pride in having her on his team.

Along with other contestants, Neil Salsich and Alex Whalen, Tasha Jessen is one of the only women on Team Blake this season. Despite trying to do too much during her audition, Tasha's range and tone impressed the coaches, and fans hope to see more great performances from her in the following episodes.

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Christian Persecution in Pakistan

Pakistan has over 229 million people, of which only 1.8% are Christian, totaling 4.2 million. According to Open Doors UK, Christians are considered second-class citizens in Pakistan and face discrimination in all aspects of life. While there were no major attacks on churches in the country last year, individuals continue to be targeted, especially those who converted to Christianity from Islam.

Christian women and girls are particularly vulnerable to kidnappings, forced marriages, and forced conversion. In these instances, parents do not have legal recourse to rescue their daughters, and it is used to persecute religious minorities such as Christians.

Pakistan's blasphemy laws are increasingly used to accuse non-Muslims, including Christians, of insulting the Prophet Mohammed or the Quran, resulting in the death penalty. False accusations are often made after disputes; even a false allegation can lead to mob violence.

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