Pastor Jack Hibbs declares 2024 a year of spiritual warfare in sermon series; outlines 5 key battlegrounds

Pastor Jack Hibbs
Jack Hibbs is the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills |

In a recent sermon series at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, Pastor Jack Hibbs declared 2024 to be a year of "war" for Christians. While not advocating for physical violence, he described a spiritual and ideological battleground where truth, facts, faith, the Church and marriage will be under attack.

“There's going to be the war of 2024 and I'm not talking about bombs guns and missiles I'm talking about an all-out war on everything from the spiritual realm which is invisible but certainly to the physical world in which things manifest,” Hibbs said in the introduction of his sermon.

The first area he mentioned is “Truth.” Hibbs cited John 18:37-38, where Jesus proclaims himself the embodiment of truth, highlighting the growing skepticism and relativism surrounding truth in society today. He encouraged Christians to guard their hearts against cynicism and remain grounded in their faith.

“When you tell somebody the actual truth, they don’t believe it. It’s not that they’re being mean about it; it’s that ‘why should I believe that because I’ve just heard 10 other things.’”

Another focal point of the 2024 war he mentioned is “against facts.” Distinguishing facts from biased interpretations and misinformation is crucial, according to Hibbs. He emphasized the importance of seeking truth based on objective observation and avoiding manipulation by those claiming to be fact-checkers. In the context of the upcoming election year, he warns against rampant deception and encourages critical thinking.

The third one is “Faith” This war directly targets the Christian faith, warns Hibbs. He emphasizes the importance of faith as a source of hope and direction, contrasting it with the emptiness of lacking belief in something greater. He assures his congregation that unwavering faith in Jesus Christ will lead to victory in this spiritual battle.

“When you have no faith in someone or something greater than yourself, you lose hope, you lose direction.”

“But if your faith is in Jesus Christ and Him alone, then you’re secure. You’ll do awesome in 2024. You will war the great warfare, victoriously, because you know who you are and you know to Whom you belong,” he encouraged the congregations.

In regards to “against the Church,” Hibbs acknowledges that the Church has always faced opposition, and 2024 will be no different. He reminds his congregation of God's love for the Church and encourages them to remain united despite external challenges.

The last aspect he pointed out is “Marriage.” The final battleground, according to Hibbs, is the sanctity of marriage. He criticizes the erosion of values surrounding marriage in contemporary society, citing examples like reality TV shows. He emphasizes marriage as one of the few divinely ordained institutions and calls for its defense.