American-Israeli evangelical leader Joel C. Rosenberg makes an urgent plea for immediate evacuation of Palestinian Christians from Gaza

Joel Rosenberg
Joel Rosenberg |

In an open letter to Israeli leaders, Joel Rosenberg, an American-Israeli evangelical Christian leader and a bestselling author, has made an urgent plea to evacuate Palestinian Christians from northern Gaza, where they face imminent danger from Hamas and other terrorist groups.

In his letter, Rosenberg urged Israeli leaders to relocate Palestinian Christians to the West Bank rather than directing them southward, emphasizing that Palestinian Christians, unlike their Muslim counterparts, are not affiliated with Hamas or its radical ideology. They are peaceful and law-abiding citizens, yet they find themselves trapped in a perilous situation amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“They are not supporters of radical Islamist terrorism. They do not support the terror attacks on Israel. They just want to live in peace and be free to follow the Bible and love their neighbors. But right now they are in an impossible situation,” he said.

The IDF's policy of urging Palestinians to move to sanctuary areas in southern Gaza has understandably raised concerns among Palestinian Christians. They harbor deep fears of being subjected to the same atrocities that ISIS inflicted upon Christians in Iraq and Syria.

Rosenberg underscored the precarious situation facing Palestinian Christians in southern Gaza, where they are viewed as pagans and infidels by Hamas and other extremist groups. He warned of the potential for a massacre should they be forced to relocate to this region.

In light of these grave concerns, Rosenberg implored the Israeli government to immediately evacuate all Palestinian Christians from Gaza, estimated to be around 1,000 individuals. He proposed relocating them to the West Bank, where they would be welcomed and supported by their fellow Christians.

Rosenberg acknowledged the desire of many Palestinian Christians to emigrate to countries like the United States, Canada, or Europe. However, he emphasized the urgency of their immediate evacuation from Gaza to ensure their safety, vividly describing the dire conditions faced by the Christians sheltering in churches in Gaza City, Deir El Balah and other locations. They are struggling to survive, lacking food, medicine, and water, while facing constant threats from the ongoing shelling.

He relayed a message from his friend in Israel, “Already over 20 of them have been killed, and they are very close to our hearts. A couple of days ago, four more were injured due to the shelling. We have been in constant contact with them. They are desperate to leave – but not to the south where it is not safe.”

“Dearest Joel, we are asking you, in the name of Jesus, to help them and find a way to help them while they are in the churches or find another way to get them to a safe place,” he added.