Abortion Activists Disrupt Joel Osteen While Preaching In Church


Several pro-abortion activists stripped down their clothes and shouted the "My body, my choice" slogan, disrupting the congregants at Lakewood Church during their Pentecostal Sunday service.

The TX4ABORTION group posted the clip of the demonstration that conspired during the start of the 11 a.m. service. As Joel Osteen asked the congregation to sit down and open their bibles, one woman stood up and stripped down her clothes. After her, two women also stripped down their clothes. While wearing undergarments only, the activists shouted pro-abortion slogans and curses among the crowd.

This demonstration was still in connection with pro-abortionists' efforts, targeting churches to impede the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion in the country. Before causing more disruptions, security personnel were quick to escort the demonstrators out of the building.

Osteen calmly addressed the shouting by telling the congregation, "And we'll wait just one moment here but God is good and He's on the throne and He's in control." He said he's glad to be in the house of the Lord and with the people of faith. Then the crowd joined him, raising their voices and clapping their hands. "Thank you, Lord, for good service," he added.

As the shouting increased, Osteen remained talking so that other people wouldn't hear vividly what the protesters were saying. He said the church loves everybody, thanking Him and declaring He is in control. Then the congregation went to clapping again, overpowering the voices of the protesters.

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Protests To Urge People To Join Them

In an interview with Catholic News Agency, pro-abortion activist Julianne D'Eredita said the group she led chose Osteen's evangelical non-denominational church, not because of his pro-life views but because it reaches to millions of viewers around the world. D'Eredita was leading a group of 13 activists affiliated with the Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, also an activist group known to protest against pro-lifers and pro-life laws.

Her group posted a series of videos about their demonstration last Sunday. They also protested outside Lakewood Church with dozens of fellow protesters. She said the protesters were detained by the police and will be charged if they will come back to the church's building to protest. She also claimed that she knew Osteen personally, and attended his church as a child.

Meanwhile, on the same day at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California, Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights also urged the people to join them in stopping the Supreme Court from possibly overturning Roe v. Wade. The group spread a large banner saying a pro-abortion slogan during the Mets game.

Several protesters affiliated with the same pro-abortion group also blocked the street in Chase Arena in San Francisco California before the NBA finals with the same anthem. The group said they were convincing the Supreme Court, not in a rational manner but by showing how the "society will stop moving" in case of blocking their abortion rights.

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