Catholic Church Misconceptions About the Practice on Touching Religious Statues

Religious Statue

One of the many common misunderstandings regarding Catholic traditions is the belief that Catholics worship images of saints and other holy figures. Some individuals mistakenly believe Catholics worship statues when they just respect these sculptures.

Religious Statues in Catholic Church

As per Catholic Answers, the argument that Catholics disobey God's commandments by including statues in their places of worship is a claim many keep bringing up.

When people are engaged in the sin of idolatry, it is appropriate to caution them against the consequences of their actions. Yet, labeling Catholics as idolaters since their churches contain statues of Christ and the saints is based on either a misunderstanding or ignorance of what the Bible says about the function of figures and the ways they can be used, both for good and for evil.

Although God forbidden people to worship statues, he did not prohibit the usage of figures in religious settings. Instead, he mandated their application in various religious settings and contexts.

According to BBC, as Catholics pray, they often reflect on the life of Jesus and ask Mary to intercede on their behalf before God. One tool they may employ is the rosary. While one prays, there is always the possibility that their mind will wander, and the rosary can help keep them focused on what they are saying.

Statues of Mary and other saints can frequently be found within churches. Catholics do not worship Mary and the saints; instead, Catholics ask Mary and the saints to pray to God on their behalf. It is referred to as making an intercession.

A person's mind can be helped to focus on a particular area of prayer or worship using statues. One way to help us remember Jesus's sacrifice is to look at his sculpture hanging from the cross. In addition, the figures provide a visual aid for the worshipper.

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Other Misconceptions in Catholic Church

There are a lot of misconceptions in the Catholic Church. One of them is that Catholics reportedly believe works save people. According to Equipping Godly Woman, the Catholic Church does not preach that individuals are protected due to their deeds. The Catechism of the Catholic Church expressly disallows this particular concept.

Instead, the Catholic Church effectively preaches that "if you call yourself a Christian but you don't live like it, maybe you're not a Christian after all." Moreover, it was stated that "God saves you through faith, but it's a living faith that naturally produces good works."

On the other hand, it is also believed that the Church is against sex. The Catholic Voices stated that the Church does not have an anti-sexuality stance. When God blesses the sexuality of humans on the sixth day of creation in Genesis 1:28, when he says: "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it." this message confirms that having sexual relations is a positive experience. Furthermore, the Book of Songs is replete with descriptions of the pleasures of sexual encounters between a man and his wife. These descriptions serve to illustrate and reflect the love that Christ has for His Church.

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