China's Social Credit Score System Is Now In America, Report Says

Social Credit App: The Perfect System to Spy on Each Other Until Every Citizen is Covered
China continues to spread propaganda meant to create a chaotic America. |

China's social credit score system is a tool for the communist government to take full control of their citizens' actions. It is a stark reality that goes against the very values that the United States was founded on, which is why it comes as a surprise to many, conservatives especially, that such a system could be implemented in America today.

Beginnings of the much dreaded, communist-controlled system is being observed today, especially in the midst of the COVID pandemic and the U.S. government's call to vaccinate everyone and ensure they have vaccine passports so that they can track those who are vaccinated and those who aren't.

According to WND's Patrice Lewis, "far-left communists" used the COVID pandemic to "close small businesses, restrict individual movement, increase government dependency and implement medical tyranny." She cites some of the most recently developments in the U.S. as proof that leadership is favoring communism for the land of the free.

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urged private businesses such as bars and restaurants to require proof of vaccination against COVID before entertaining customers, CNBC reported. In addressing businesses in New York, he said, "I am asking them, and suggesting to them, go to vaccine-only admission. I believe it is in your best interest."

Also last week, the Biden administration's counselor Jeffrey Zients said during a press briefing that aside from providing incentives for people to get vaccinated against COVID, "It's time to impose some requirements based on the realities of different risks unvaccinated individuals pose versus those who have been vaccinated."

Lewis argues that the goal of these Democratic leaders is just the same as the communist leaders of China: "full conformity, full compliance, full standardization." She warned about how "comprehensive digital health passports" are being implemented all over the world, including developed countries such as France, which recently experienced a number of protests after President Emmanuel Macron implemented vaccine passport mandates on his people, earning criticism from anti-vaccine demonstrators.

Investigative journalist Leo Hohmann sounded the alarm on digital health passports, saying that the movement in the U.S. is "happening more gradually but it's picking up steam" compared to its European counterparts. He wrote that "the goal is a comprehensive digital identity, combining one's health data and vaccine status with banking and other personally identifiable data."

Turning over one's personal information to the government empowers it to use that data against its citizens and control them, Hohmann and Lewis argued.

More recently, PayPal reportedly began cracking down on "conservatives or anyone engaged in unapproved activities or unsanctioned opinions" and denying services to such individuals or organizations.

Big Tech companies are doing the same, by banning accounts of conservative voices, organizations, or private individuals. The most ludacris part is that they are using the "terms of agreement" or "user agreement"/"community guidelines" to carry out these schemes.

Lewis concluded that "The left's obsession with so-called 'racism' and 'equity' are neck-and-neck with COVID as a means of societal control."