Christian Businessman Who Was Once A Dropout Shares How Your Dreams Can Come True

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A businessman who was once a dropout shared about the amazing things God has done in his life, and how God came through for him and how He made his dreams come true, to encourage others to also put their faith in Him.

"Whether it was healing my discomfort, helping me with rent or saving my business, God has been trustworthy," Nick Low wrote on Charisma Magazine.

Low, currently living in Arizona, was a high school dropout who now owns a number of businesses.

He shared that though he didn't know what to pray for, he began praying to God since he was a boy, asking that his will would align that of God's. He also prayed for his future wife. Unknowingly, he was planting seeds for his future through those prayers and would later experience God's miracles.

He revealed that his first miracle occurred when he was only eight years old while watching "The 700 Club," wherein he was healed from Baker's cyst when the program called out for someone who got fluid on the knees.

"I prayed and believed that moment and it left, never to come back. This first miracle taught me the timeless lesson of trusting and believing. It was that moment that taught me God not only speaks but those who hear and listen can experience the supernatural today," he added.

At eighteen, he encountered God again, and this time, as Jehovah-Jireh. He was in need of $700 to pay for his rent but God miraculously provided when he found the exact amount of money he needed on the ground while on his way to his motorcycle after work.

He said that those miracles prepared him for bigger ones, causing him to heed God's leading about purchasing a property which eventually turned into a business venture that provided for his family "beyond [his] wildest dreams."

However, he disclosed that he was also tested in his faith.

"There have been many times in which my trust was tested but whenever I held true, I was rewarded. When He has truly spoken, confirmed by His Word and prophets, we must act," he said.

 He shared an example of this, when the well's water in his development project became so dirty that could ruin his irrigation system. Upon consultation, he learned that keeping the well or not would cost him much money.

But at that moment, God intervened again.

"I was alone in my land, praying away fear and discouragement, when I turned on my radio to listen to some worship music. To my surprise, my screen read 'Let it rain' and was only playing the sound of rushing water. I knew this was the Lord so I ignored the consultants and I had the well left on for three days over the weekend, believing God would honor my faith. Sure enough, when the weekend was over, whatever had been polluting the water was gone and it was running clear," Low recalled.

The businessman said that God has been faithful to him in circumstances of need but pointed out that he will not have the faith to trust the LORD in a crisis if he did not learn to trust Him in small things, adding that God can also do to others the things that He did for him.

Citing 2 Chronicles 16:9, 1 Corinthians 3:9 and Hebrews 11:6, he emphasized the significance of faith to experience God's miracles.

Further, he stressed the importance of being trustworthy with little things for one to be trusted with bigger ones, as the Bible states in Luke 16:10.

"All relationships begin with a seed of trust-faith. We can choose to nurture this or let it fail. That is the truth behind God's willingness to do the same for others as He does with those who trust," he continued.

He went on to say that God looks at the heart, as He did when He chose David to be the next king of Israel.

"Till your heart to be one where God wants to sow. If He never bores of making the sun rise, He'll never tire of making dreams come true," Low concluded.