Christian Singer Cade Thompson Releases Single 'New Normal' For Students Fearing School Shootings

Cade Thompson
Cade Thompson in his latest single, "New Normal" |

To encourage the youth who fear the prevalence of gun violence in America, a young Christian singer released a new single carrying a message of hope.

Cade Thompson released the "New Normal," a song inspired by his own experience in high school. The artist is currently under the Red Street Records, a Christian music label owned by Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts. The singer co-wrote the track with Matthew West.

Thompson spoke to The Christian Post, sharing about his latest single.

He said that his new song is based on his personal experience in senior year wherein they encountered an active shooter in their school. He remembered the fear that he and his peers felt at that time.

"Thankfully, I ended up going home that day safe, and it ended up not being a valid threat. But I remembered that fear. I remember what I felt in that moment," he continued.

He added that even his sister also encountered the same in her school, stirring his anxiety over gun violence and has become "one of [his] biggest fears.

To encourage other people struggling such fear, Thompson made the song.

"I wrote an anthem to speak about this and to bring hope that we can hope for a new normal, that we want ... normal, and that's what this song is about," he said.

He said that with this track, he was just sharing about his own experience which has opened his eyes on what other people are going through every day.

"I'm so honored that as a songwriter, I get to carry a message that's far beyond myself," he further stated.

Moreover, he mentioned how he got to work under his current music label. He shared about the thrill of receiving a call from DeMarcus himself, recalling the time when he was just singing Rascal Flatts' "Life is a Highway" on his front porch.

He met with DeMarcus after their conversation and they both saw that their visions on music "collid[ed] and align[ed]." His latest track is his third radio single, working with the record label.

Last year, Thompson released two other gospel songs, "Provider" and "Every Little Step."

DeMarcus said that Thompson has a heart for this generation.

"When I met Cade, I knew he had his finger on the pulse of this generation's dreams and fears. I've become a sounding board, encouraging Cade to give voice to his passion," he said.

Thompson disclosed that as a person who grew up listening to Christian music, he wants to be a voice for the next generation of this type of music and bridge the gap with his generation, hoping that the latter "would fall in love with Jesus".

"If I can point people back to Him every single day, then at the end of the day, I've done my job the best that I can do," he added.

In overcoming troubles in life, he suggested that people should turn to the Bible.

"...[A]s a Christian myself, I go to the Word of God, which you and I both know is so so powerful. In John 16:33, Jesus says, 'When you go through trouble, take heart for I've overcome the world.' He doesn't say if you go through trouble; He says when you go through trouble," he stated.

The singer added that though Christians experience trials and pain, they "can live" with the hope that God is walking with them through those circumstances.

He said that building a relationship with Jesus requires a strong foundation, remembering his own experience of finding Jesus in his life. He shared that much of the time in his middle school years, he was just in his own room alone, worshiping the Lord.

He also gave an advice for people who desire to have a personal relationship with the Lord.

"Start with the Word of God, because that is something that is never changing. Surround yourself with people that are going to help you chase after Jesus," the singer concluded.

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