Christian Singer Danny Gokey Opposes Vaccine Mandates, Warns 'Mark of the Beast' is Coming

Danny Gokey
Danny Gokey |

Christian singer Danny Gokey spent the final Sunday of August penning a lengthy Twitter thread about why he opposes vaccine mandates and warning that the "mark of the beast," which was described in the Bible's book of Revelation, is coming.

He began his post by saying that while he is not an "anti-vaxxer," as he and his entire family have been vaccinated against COVID, he said he is "anti-mandate," meaning that he opposes the vaccine requirement for people to return to their jobs or go to school.

"If you want to get the vaccine you should be able to do it. If you don't want the vaccine you shouldn't have to," Gokey wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread. He underscored that his concerns surrounding the vaccine is its "safety" and the "measures used to enforce it." He added that while it is not a cure, "it is being treated like one."

"Through mass coercion and manipulation they're using techniques that vilify and divide the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. That's not ok," the 41 year old singer, who placed third behind Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in "American Idol's" eighth season, wrote. He lamented that people are being forced to comply with COVID vaccine mandates "so that they won't lose their job-that is coercion."

According to Faithwire, Gokey expressed disappointment in the fact that people no longer have conversations surrounding COVID vaccines and vaccine mandates because "the only topic discussed is COVID and the only acceptable thought is vaccination," which he said was "very dangerous." He added that speaking out about it was risky for him because he could be "identified as an extremist" and subjected to censorship on social media.

"They tell me, 'Jesus would get the vaccine,' which is manipulative," Gokey argued. He added that Jesus even refused to run away from people who had diseases and instead chose to heal them without acting to "divide and demonize anyone." The "Jesus People" singer added that Jesus himself "never walked in fear of anything" as he "[rebuked] those in power who were controlling people and those who forced burdens on them."


The Grammy Award nominated Christian singer also warned that the "mark of the beast" is coming. In Christian scripture, specifically in Revelation, "in the last days people will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast," Gokey explained, adding that those who don't have the mark of the beast are "very dangerous to society."

The 41 year old father of four sounded the alarm on how "we are in the birthing point of the mark of the beast." He wrote, "Let me stress this-I don't believe it's the mark of the beast yet. (Remember I could be wrong but all evidence is pointing me that it is)."

Aside from releasing a new record titled "Jesus People" in August, Gokey is also featured in The Belonging Co's first Spanish track titled "La Victoria," The Christian Beat reported. The singer is looking to tour the record without being tagged as a "super spreader" event by detractors.