Democrat Andrew Yang Says Barcodes Should Be Used To Monitor Inoculated People, Receives Major Backlash

Traffic light

Democrat Andrew Yang received major backlash after calling for people to have barcodes as proof that they have been vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus.

Daily Wire reported that the failed Democrat presidential candidate who also happens to be a contributor to CNN - branded as "fake news media" - seems to echo the call that originated from communist China.

Yang wrote on Twitter, "Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated - like a bar code they can download to their phone?"

He then added that "there ought to be" proof that someone has been vaccinated so that interaction can be done "more freely."

Yang added that it is "tough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames without either mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling."

"I've been tested at a photo shoot or interview and gotten a bracelet showing I was negative. Then we could interact more freely."

Yang's insistence of having proof when someone has been vaccinated echoes Chinese president Xi Jinping's remarks about the vaccine.

The Chinese communist dictator has been known to lock up religious minorities in concentration camps and wants to implement the use of electronic barcodes with color codes to tell someone's potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Like traffic lights, the color codes are green, amber and red - with green being the safest.

"China mandated the widespread use of QR-based health certificates earlier this year. The system, which uses an electronic barcode to store a person's travel and health history, has been credited with helping to curb the spread of the virus," CNN reported.

Xi also made a statement hoping that more countries will join them for the so-called "global mechanism" of using bar codes that can be used internationally.

"China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes. We hope more countries will join this mechanism."

Upon making the remark, Yang received backlash for his comments.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, Director of Breast Imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Monmouth, New Jersey, responded to Yang's tweet regarding the use of bar codes and how it might dissuade the greater American population to get the vaccine.

Saphier responded to Yang's tweet, "The mere mention of bar codes given following vaccination will dissuade 50% of the population from getting the vaccine. Not to mention, are we now going to start labeling those with other communicable diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis, to segregate them from the 'healthy?'"

The Electronic Frontier Foundation also responded to the tweet saying that instead of helping, a digitized system to prove one has been immunized from the coronavirus will only amplify access issues on the vaccine. It will also cause more harm when public health efforts have done their best "to ease the public's mind."

Instead of a digitized bar code, professional basketball player Andrew Bogut suggested that an arm band of sorts with a kind of logo might suffice.

Nonetheless, a podcast host from the National Review also remarked that while Yang's heart is in the right place, insisting on the use of bar codes can cause a mass revolt among certain American subgroups if it becomes "a thing."

Yang's remarks also seem to hint at what the globalists plan to do, called the "Great Reset." St. Louis Cardinal Raymond Burke, in one of his recent homilies, talked about this very thing.

Burke said the "Wuhan virus" -COVID-19- is being "used by certain forces" to "advance their evil agenda." These forces, he said convince people that "we are now the subjects of a so-called 'Great Reset' or 'New Normal', which is dictated to us by their manipulation of citizens and nations through ignorance and fear."

Burke's explanation sounds just like Yang's explanation. The failed Democrat's assertion then, is simply a veiled attempt to force people into this systemic manipulation.