Senator Rand Paul On Anthony Fauci’s Mask Advocacy About COVID-19: ‘It’s All About Submission’

Republican Senator Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shared in an interview that mask mandates "are all about submission."

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, the Kentucky senator shared with Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow how wearing the mask is "all about submission."

Paul said, "They want you to submit to their will, whether there's any science."

In his speech during the Student Action Summit at Turning Point USA in West Palm Beach, Florida, Paul shared how incidents of the COVID-19 spread went up exponentially after the mask mandates that happened from state after state.

The Republican senator also criticized the mandate that "nobody can eat in a restaurant" when "there's no science behind any of that."

Paul also criticized the lack of epidemiological evidence of sitting 12 inches apart in airplanes, washing of hands or even wearing of masks. He made mention that the implemented mandates had not slowed down the spread. He thought the vaccine will, but he slammed those who think that masks are better than the vaccines.

"The trajectory of the virus hasn't been altered at all by any of these things. I think the vaccine will, and this is why I really despise people like the CNN Doctor [Sanjay] Gupta, who I think is committing television malpractice by saying, 'Oh, your mask is a much better thing than the vaccine.' Well, no, it isn't. The masks aren't working at all. The thing's going through the roof and people are dying.

The Republican senator said that masks are different and some work to a certain extent when worn properly or when used using a sterile technique to keep one's self from getting infected, like the N95 masks used in hospitals.

But when it comes to cloth masks, the latter is almost like a "face diaper" without having any sort of value or protection.

Paul added, "It's like wearing your underwear. You might as well cut your underwear up and wear your underwear as protection. It doesn't work."

The senator also warned the young Americans who attended the convention about Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, where he mentioned that despite evidence that schools can open despite the pandemic, Fauci did not agree to it except last week - six months after Paul has showed him the evidence.

"I've been telling Fauci for six months, the evidence is that if you open schools, you will not get a surge. The whole world accepts it, except for Dr. Fauci. He finally accepted it last week, six months after I started showing him the evidence."

Paul's remarks during the convention may have been due to an article published last week that details why the COVID-19 vaccine is no guarantee that anybody can stop wearing a mask.

In the article, Dr. Sanjay Gupta described the virus that caused a worldwide pandemic as "especially deadly."

For the last few months, Democrats and other leftist groups have continued to advocate for assorted shutdowns and lockdowns against business and even religious organizations all across the country.