Fox News’ Shannon Bream Says Ukrainian Women's Courage Reminds Her of Jesus' Mother


Author and Fox News correspondent Shannon Bream was reminded of the sacrifices of Mary, the mother of Jesus, through the courage shown by Ukrainian mothers amid Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression.

In her recent article, Bream wrote "The courage of these mothers reminded me so much of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the insights I re-discovered about her in my new book, "The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak." It's easy to forget that she, too, was once forced to flee with her young son - all because a madman wanted him dead."

Then she narrated how Joseph and Mary escaped Herod's plan to destroy Jesus. "Joseph and Mary had no choice but to run as far away as possible...The journey would have been long and exhausting. The young family, probably leaving their native land for the first time, set out across the rugged plains of Sinai carrying a toddler, trudging through thirst and weariness across an expanse of sand and rugged hills."

She continued, "What about the mother who flees the chaos of a collapsing country or the poverty or violence that threatens her child's life? She is journeying on a path that Mary and Jesus knew."

As the war broke out in the country, 90% of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Poland were women and children. Despite the chaos, mothers lined up to train stations to desperately get their children to safety, leaving their jobs and their homes.

Just like Marianna and her two young children who made it to the Poland border by walking most of the last 20 miles. She told Los Angeles Times, "I left my husband and father behind to come here," she said. "That's why my children asked me why I was crying all the way here."

Amid the crisis, mothers outside the Ukrainian border were on a mission to help other mothers in need. Just like the story behind the viral photo of strollers awaiting mothers and children refugees at a train station at the border crossing in Medyka, Poland.

"I thought of them both, about the solidarity of those who brought the strollers and the dramatic stories of mothers fleeing the war," said Francesco Malavolta, the photographer who captured the photo.

Today reported that since the war started, more than 600 Ukrainian babies have been born in Poland, as pregnant Ukrainian women sought a safe environment to deliver their children. "When we came here to Poland, I was hoping we would go back to Ukraine before I gave birth," Alina Mustajok said. "It seems too hard and scary to go back and you're afraid the children won't be safe. We decided to stay here."

Many mothers received hospital care and financial aid to ease what they're going through. Nevertheless, they still hope for the war to cease, so they can go back home with their families.

Despite these sufferings, Bream continued to encourage. She said, God had known and understood sufferings. She said, "Scripture repeatedly tells us that Christ endured everything we as human beings experience: hunger, thirst, temptation, and - yes - suffering. He knows what it is to be hunted down, displaced, threatened, and persecuted."

She also noted how mothers exhibited "enormous bravery and determination" during tough times throughout the years. She said, "Their stories challenged me to take a much closer look at each one of them and their circumstances. I came away inspired and encouraged, reminded that when adversity meets deep faith miracles are often not far behind.

"If you're feeling overwhelmed by the gravity of the war, there is hope in these stories," Bream concluded.