French Teacher Who Was Beheaded By Muslim Refugee Killed Because His Student Lied, Reports Say


A French teacher was killed last October because his student reportedly lied about her teacher's anti-Muslim presentation.

According to The Blaze, History teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by Abdoullakh Anzorov, a Chechen Muslim refugee, who learned about the student's allegations after it viraled on the net and after it caused anti-hate riots in France.

The unnamed student, a schoolgirl currently aged 13-years old, has now confessed to the police that her accusations against the teacher was but a lie.

The Blaze said the student told her father almost a year ago that Paty, during a lesson on free speech, presented in class the Prophet Muhammed as cartoons with his genitals exposed. The father then filed a legal complaint against Paty and launched a hate campaign against him online. The online campaign then reached Muslims who retaliated against Paty with widespread anger that resulted to him being beheaded 10 days afterwards and to violent riots on it.

Prosecutors, The Blaze added, found a "direct casual link" to the teacher's gruesome death and the online hate campaign launched against him. The Blaze also said that Anzarov was shot dead by police for attempting to flee the scene after he was tracked down.

In a prior report, The Blaze revealed that the hate campaign actually turned into a terrorist attack against Christians as believers inside a church in Nice, France were brutally attacked by Muslim extremists after Paty's murder. Three people died from the church incident--two men and a woman--wherein one was beheaded and another stabbed. Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi called it a "terrorist attack" borne from the degrading depiction of the Prophet Muhammad by Paty.

The Independent, on the other hand, said that the student told police she was actually not in school, which was in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Paris, and did not attend class. Mbeko Tabula, the girl's legal counsel, explained that she lied because was made spokesperson of her classmates.

"She lied because she felt trapped in a spiral because her classmates had asked her to be a spokesperson," Tabula said.

He also added that the girl's father should be the one blamed for having "excessive and disproportionate behaviour" while the girl should be protected from accusations.

The Independent also cited a report from Le Parisien stating that the girl told the lie to prevent her father from discovering that she was suspended from school for not attending her lessons.

"She would not have dared to confess to her father the real reasons for her exclusion shortly before the tragedy, which was in fact linked to her bad behaviour," Le Parisien stated.

Le Parisien revealed that the girl told her father that Paty asked the Muslim students to line-up in the corridor before he showed them Mohammed's pictures and that she expressed her anger towards her teacher for what he's done that resulted in her being suspended for two days from class. Yet, the truth was, she was actually suspended from school a day before her History class due to repeated absences.

As per the Independent, the student was charged with slander while her father was arrested for being "complicit in a terrorist killing" since it was he who accused Paty of promoting Islamophobia. The Independent explained that the visual depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is forbidden and is considered blasphemous in Islam.

An Islamist preacher was also arrested by police in line with this incident, the Independent added. While Euronews reported that the said Islamist preacher is activist Abdelhakim Sefrioui who is being held in pre-trial detention together with the girl's father, Brahim Chnina. Euronews said that the family of Paty expressed anger towards the girl's admission of lying "on the offset" about the matter. Euronews added that Anzarov offered two students money to identify Paty before attacking and murdering him.

Paty was honored a hero by the French goverment for giving importance on the freedom of speech and was given a hero's tribute during his burial on October 21, 2020, RFI reported.