Gab, The Social Media Founded By A Christian To Protect Free Speech, Is Now ‘Too Big To Ignore’

Gab CEO Andrew Torba

Gab founder Andrew Torba reacted to Gov. Abbott's accusation that the website is "anti-semitic," saying that the governor's statement seemed to have shown that the platform has become "too big" to be ignored.

Following the Christian CEO's creation of a social media network that seeks to fight the Democrat-supported practice of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, he cannot believe that the Texas governor, a Republican who is expected to defend the rights of conservatives, would "explicitly called out" Gab. Torba expressed his disappointment over the "false narrative" on his Gab article.

"When I first watched the video of Gov. Abbott saying Gab had 'no place in Texas,' I truthfully thought it was a deepfake. There was no way that the Governor of Texas explicitly called out the website I run with my family from an undisclosed rural farm in Pennsylvania," he began.

In disbelief, he had to play the video again but confirmed that it was indeed shared from the governor's verified social media account.

"I hit play again. 'Anti-semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas and certainly do not represent Texas values.' I did another double take, but quickly confirmed it was a video shared from Gov. Abbott's verified Twitter account," he said.

Torba then realized something about Gab, flourishing into a powerful social media organization.

"This was it. This was Gab's moment. We had become too big to ignore," he pointed out.

Torba dismissed the governor's claim that the platform is "anti-semitic," stating that even Jewish users themselves "debunked" the allegation. He said that the politician was just "using his position of authority" to attack a startup company "run by a Christian man whose entire mission is to defend free speech online."

"The simple truth of the matter is that the GOP Establishment can no longer ignore Gab. They've done so at their own peril for five years now while they whined about "Big Tech censorship" without ever actually doing anything to stop it," he continued.

Torba added that his company "is a force to be reckoned with" and that Gov. Abbott and his allies have done a "big mistake", thinking that Gab is too small to fight back his "despicable comments."

The CEO then revealed that he sent numerous emails addressing the politician's false statement, driving many to defend Gab in their articles. People, including other Republicans, have also hit Gov. Abbott's tweet, making him a "laughing stock" in the platform.

Furthermore, he disclosed that Gab is consistently growing with millions of people joining the network every month. He predicted that the company will be a "tremendous force" in the next two elections.

 He also warned that the "fiasco" with Gov. Abbott must serve as a lesson and advised the Republicans to "get on Gab, or get out of the way."

"In the end, that's exactly what Gov. Abbott's own party did," he said towards the end of his statement, adding a link of a Breitbart article showing GOP members defending Gab from the governor's statement.

Torba concluded with four meaningful lines, describing Gab and his stance:

Gab is inevitable.

America First is inevitable.

Jesus is King.

Get used to it.

Last month, following his revelations that his company has been deplatformed by various service providers, Torba urged Christians to support organizations that are building and share the Christian values.

Founded in 2016, Gab is a social media network that upholds freedom of speech and information. Former President Donald Trump is one of the platform's influential users, following his permanent suspension from Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube.