Gov. Ron DeSantis Asks For Prayers For Wife, Casey, Who Faces Breast Cancer: ‘She Will Never Give Up’

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis with husband Gov. Ron and kids
Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis with husband Gov. Ron and kids |

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has asked for prayers for his wife who is facing breast cancer and is not giving up in her battle against it.

WND reported that DeSantis announced that, despite the breast cancer diagnosis, his wife, Casey, is not giving up being a "true fighter." DeSantis expressed sadness on receiving confirmation of the illness and asked for prayers from Floridians for her healing.

In a statement released on Monday, DeSantis highlighted how "esteemed" his wife is in the state and her impact to those whom they serve.

"I am saddened to report that Florida's esteemed First Lady and my beloved wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer. As the mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has made an impact on the lives of countless Floridians through her initiatives as First Lady," DeSantis said.

"As she faces the most difficult test of her life, she will have not only have my unwavering support but the support of our entire family, as well as the prayers and well wishes from Floridians across our state. Casey is a true fighter, and she will never, never, never give up," he added.

WND highlighted that many have responded to the governor call for prayers for the first lady. North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn, 10 Tampa Bay Anchor Allison Kropff, and Florida Congressional Candidate Jay Collins are but some of those who expressed their prayers and support for the first lady.

The young first lady, who is only 41-years-old, is mother to three young children aged 4 (Madison), three (Mason), and 18 months old (Mamie). She has launched four initiatives since DeSantis took seat as governor. The said initiatives are "Hope for Healing Florida" last May 2019, "The Facts. Your Future." campaign in December 2019, the "Resiliency Florida" initiative launched last February, and the "Hope Florida--A Pathway to Prosperity, Economic Self-Sufficiency and Hope" that was setup recently.

According to the Florida website, the Resiliency Florida initiative is supported by two subprograms: the Hope Ambassadors program and the Character Education Standards. A common beneficiary of her initiatives are children and aims for mental health and wellness.

First Lady DeSantis has a strong thrust for mental health and wellness. Last September, being the Suicide Prevention Month, she highlighted their efforts to help those who are struggling with the stigma from it through their Hope for Healing initiative. She actually calls suicide among the youth an "epidemic" and the reason for her to work on partnerships that "promote positive mental wellbeing" among the young.

Florida has actually released $120 million for the programs on Mental Health Assistance in the district that excludes $5.5 million allotted for Youth Mental Health Awareness and Assistance. The state, through her initiatives, have dedicated $4.7 million on evidence-based suicide prevention efforts in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Department of Children and Families. The program includes a mandatory curriculum withing K-12 public schools to prevent human trafficking, child exploitation, and child sexual abuse that lead to suicide.

Governor DeSantis' announcement on his wife's breast cancer diagnosis happened on the first days of October that is regarded as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The National Breast Cancer Foundation reports that more than $150 billion a year as spent in the United States for overall cancer care cost. But the bigger problem, the foundation said, is the "navigating cost of care and the complexities of the cancer care system" that patients face besides looking for the cure to their illness.