Mark Wahlberg Congratulates Son & Youths Who Commit Their Lives To The Lord

Mark Wahlberg

The lead star of the faith-based movie "Father Stu," Mark Wahlberg, reportedly praised his son and young adults like him who dedicate their lives to God in a social media post on Sunday.

Mark Wahlberg Celebrates Son's Confirmation

The Daily Wire said the 50-year-old Mark Wahlberg congratulated his 16-year-old son, Michael, through a video posted on Instagram since he was in Europe. While Yahoo! Entertainment highlighted that Wahlberg has given his wife, Rhea Durham, credit for his son's achievement. Wahlberg captioned the post congratulating his son for completing his confirmation.

In the video, which was taken at the bedside while the Hollywood actor was kneeling, Wahlberg began with the sign of the cross before announcing where he was. The actor then explained that he got down on his knees to give thanks for the beautiful day, which was special to his family. Michael has similarly chosen to be a Catholic like his parents after Wahlberg recently introduced them to the faith.

"Congratulations to my son Michael on making his confirmation. All the young people out there who were confirmed and taking their relationship with the lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made," Wahlberg said.

Wahlberg went on to invite people to the Hallowapp, where he was featured for the movie "Father Stu" to aid people in prayer. He then thanked God for the many answered prayers including the Celtics winning the game. He concluded the video by blessing his followers.

Wahlberg then uploaded a photo of Michael and Rhea taken during the confirmation in a succeeding post. The actor once more congratulated his son, who he referred to as his buddy, and expressed pride for him.

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Publicly open about being a Christian, Wahlberg has repeatedly invited his social media followers to pray. He asked his 18.6 million Instagram followers last month to pray the Rosary with him through the Hallow app besides encouraging them to "stay prayed up."

Meanwhile, Rhea revealed on Instagram that it took Michael two years to prepare for his confirmation. She stressed pride for her son who she said now belongs to Jesus and will never be alone. The post contains an identical photo used by Wahlberg that was taken during the said religious rite.

Mark Wahlberg & "Father Stuart"

Wahlberg's dramatic portrayal of the late Fr. Stuart Long in the global box office hit "Father Stu" last April is said to be a reflection of his own faith journey. In various interviews, the actor stressed how he was able to see himself in Long's character from being a wayward individual to a man who truly encountered Jesus Christ.

The movie, which presents the conversion story of Long from a boxer to a Catholic priest who ministered to inmates, achieved box office expectations of $5.70 million during the opening weekend and $1.5 million on opening day in the United States. The movie received "All Time Worldwide Box Office for R movies" ranking of 1,512 with a $21.4 million collection.

"Father Stu" is a recent team-up of Wahlberg with "The Passion Of The Christ" Director and Hollywood actor Mel Gibson under a Rosalind Ross directorial debut.

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