South Korea successfully delivers digital bibles into North Korea

South Korea successfully delivers digital bibles into North Korea.
South Korea successfully delivers digital bibles into North Korea.

Amid North and South Korea's relationship, South Korea successfully delivered digital bibles into North Korea. Knowing there will be consequences, a South Korean based Christian group risked their jobs by conducting a small launch as a Christian ministry, using helium, biodegradable latex balloons, and GPS tracking. As many people are informed, North Korea is ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for Christians. According to World Help, the truth of the Gospel has taken all fear out of prison and torture for persecuted believers. The underground church is expanding, and North Korean Christians are begging for the Word of God.

Pastor Eric Foley, leader of the Christian persecution watchdog, who personally launched the balloons told NK News.

"When we expect a high level of enforcement, we do a small launch,"

 "We as a Christian ministry... hope people can see that the tactical act of balloon launching is not dangerous,"

We launch using non-flammable helium using biodegradable latex balloons and GPS tracking."

According to NK News, Voice of Martyrs (VOMK) has launched up to 80 balloons at a time in the past. Pastor Foley stated that he is also ready to face any possible consequences for his launches.

"Releasing four white balloons filled with helium gas and an unspecified number of bibles at around 19:50 from the border island of Ganghwa-do."

Although Pastor Foley knew his action could be blocked by the police, authorities made no effort to stop his van from reaching the launch point, with no checkpoints set up along the way or any pursuit of unmarked cars. Sending out vitamins, bibles, rice, GPS trackers, and flash drives, they were allowed to attach it to the balloons that allowed South Korea to know it landed.

Christians in South Korea took the high risk of getting killed instead, Pastor Foley and his people successfully launched of glory to God. 

"We have had 36 people killed - men and women who laid down their lives - whose only crime was Christian activity. So we cannot exempt ourselves from those punishments."