Tim Keller Battling Side Effects Of Cancer, Family Asks For Prayers

Tim Keller Battling Side Effects Of Cancer, Family Asks For Prayers

The family of Presbyterian pastor and best-selling author Tim Keller seeks prayer from everyone while he continues to receive treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer and battles its side effects.

"We deeply covet your prayers at this time," Keller's son Michael posted on his Facebook account after revealing that his father is currently struggling with the side effects of immunotherapy treatment, His son wrote that the family is asking for continued prayers for the healing of his "Dad" and for the decisions of the doctors and medical teams that are consistently providing Keller with excellent and compassionate care.

'God Is Giving Me More Time', Keller Said

According to In 2002, the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City survived thyroid cancer.

Just last month, he announced that he will be part of an immunotherapy trial at the National Cancer Center in Bethesda, Maryland, which started on the first of June, positive that the trial has shown great promise in its potential to cure cancer. He stated though that it is going to be a "rigorous and demanding month-long program" that will need updates for up to six months.

Also last month, he expressed that the second anniversary of his diagnosis feels like a "celebration with justification" since the chemotherapies have been letting him win against the stage 4 cancer cells.

"God has seen it fit to give me more time," he concluded.

This was after he explained during an April 2021 interview with the Also Read: Ready To Die & Be Resurrected

The theologian shared that he was writing his book "Hope in Times of Fear", which talks about the resurrection and its transformative power, when he learned about his pancreatic cancer.

Keller narrated that as he was writing his book he realized that he "only half-believed" he was going to die. Thus, also realizing that all the way down deep in his heart, he was only half-believing the resurrection. He then began to realize that there was a need for him to intellectually and mentally believe in the resurrection with greater, deeper faith.

"If you are willing to embrace the truth of God's Word and immerse yourself in it day in and day out, and then ask the Holy Spirit to make it real to your heart, He will," Keller declared. He said that it didn't happen in an instant but it took him months to believe the resurrection by heart and to be assured that it is true.

He even calmly said, "I do know that the resurrection of Jesus Christ really happened. And when I die, I will know that resurrection too."

Keller shared that he and his family are ready - spiritually ready "for whatever God decides for me," though saying that did not stop him from asking for prayers for a longer time to live.

"Pray that I would have years and not months left and that the chemotherapy would continue to be effective," the 71-year-old pastor pleaded.

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