Tim Tebow Challenges Christians To Be A ‘Laborer For Jesus’

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow gives inspirational talks on how Christians can reach out to others with the love of God through faith, even through seemingly ordinary means. |

Tim Tebow challenged young Christians to volunteer themselves and be laborers for Jesus.

On Dec. 31, former NFL star Tim Tebow challenged thousands of young Christians to embrace the call and be laborers for Jesus. Tebow issued his challenge through the virtual Passion Conference 2021, telling thousands of teens attending the summit to volunteer themselves freely so that laborers will not be few.

The 33-year-old Christian activist shared an eye-opening statement to his thousands of viewers during the year-end conference, reminding them that there are a lot of people looking for peace right now. He added that in most people's quest for peace, some tried to look for it in money, fame, and power. However, he added that none of those who tried looking for peace from the wrong source actually found one, according to Christian Post.

Tebow reminded his teenage viewers that there are hundreds of thousands of people watching them from around the world. He quoted a statement in the Bible saying that the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few and that they as young people could change that.

"Could you imagine if we said yes to being a laborer for Jesus?" asked Tebow. "To being a worker for Jesus?" he added. "The laborers don't have to be a few anymore," the former NFL star concluded, CP reported.

The speaker also reminded everyone of scripture in John 16:33 how Jesus confirmed that He has overcome the world. Tebow went on to inspire the viewers that there is nothing to be scared or afraid of, and the phrase "take command" in the scripture is not a suggestion but a command from Jesus who won the battle ahead of all of us.

He clarified that there will be troubles and no one can get around it, but despite the present tribulation and troubles that would come along, Jesus promised that through Him, it is possible to have peace. He added that it is possible to live with courage because the Lord won.

"The results of that are permanent, continuous, never changing." Tebow said. "There is never a day that we will wake up and that will not be the case," he added.

He unveiled the truth that he believes in, that the best days are ahead because heaven is in front of us and God is victorious. He added that the victory of Jesus is permanent, continuous, and never changing; reasons why everyone can hope and can have courage.

"Will you take a stand?" He asked. "Will you be a laborer? Will you be a fighter for Jesus?" Tebow said leaving the audience with a life challenge.

Tebow is one of the people actively fighting against human trafficking. He recently labored together with singer, Tauren Wells to release "All God's Children", a song that reminds everyone to embrace their value in God.

Tebow revealed there are now almost 40.3 million victims of human trafficking. The song is a collaborative work between the former NFL star and the singer to help combat the crime.