Top 15 Christian Blogs to Follow This 2023


The purpose of a Christian blog is to communicate the gospel's message. Bloggers usually do this by discussing their spiritual path, offering interpretations of biblical scriptures, or giving online content for Bible studies. Believers can use these blogs to help reach individuals who aren't religious and let them see how God wants them to live their lives. In this article, you will see the top 15 Christian blogs in 2023 that should be followed in order to help you grow spiritually.

1. The Gospel Coalition (TGC)

The mission of The Gospel Coalition is to educate people so that they might know the word of God with their minds, love God entirely with their hearts, and engage the world with grace and the truth. It is an organization of pastors and churches that adhere to the reformed faith and emphasize the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ in all of their endeavors.

2. The Faithlife Blog

Logos Bible Software is developed by Faithlife, the industry leader in multilingual electronic publication and the most significant software producer specializing in Bible study software. Customers in every region of the world have access to more than 120,000 different Bible study resources due to Faithlife's partnership with more than 500 other publishers. Faithlife also provides a variety of tools for churches to use in the areas of ministry, communication, and management.

3. Christianity Today

Christianity Today is a magazine published by evangelicals with an international perspective that offers prayerful, biblical insights on topics such as current events and popular concepts. They are committed to employing all types of journalism to assist evangelicals in better comprehending the gospel of Jesus Christ and the world in which people live.

4. Redeeming God

The meaning of "Redeeming God" is intentionally left up to interpretation. The study of the Bible and theology are notorious for leaving a lot of room for performance. Still, the underlying reason for this is that the phrase "Redeeming God" can be interpreted as God is a Redeemer and God is Redeemed.

5. Resounding His Love

Resounding His Love is a blog on Christian living centered on sharing the hope we have in Christ with one another so that we may discover joy, peace, and the strength to choose faith in times of difficulty.

6. The Christian Century

The Christian Century is a journal published in Chicago that is considered progressive and ecumenical. As a publication dedicated to critical thinking and living with integrity, the Century investigates what it means to believe in and live out the Christian faith in the modern era.

7. Bible Gateway Blog

The Bible Gateway Blog is a platform for searching and sharing the Bible that includes more than 200 translations and more than 70 languages. This blog provides up-to-date information regarding the Bible, interviews with authors who have written books with a biblical theme, and the most recent announcements by Bible Gateway. It is also the finest place to keep up with the most recent advancements in Bible-related topics.

8. Crossway

Crossway is a Christian ministry that is not for profit and operates purely to spread the gospel through publishing and other methods in order, by the grace of God, to bring salvation to as many people as possible. They help people realize the enormous significance of the gospel and God's word for life, eternity, and God's glory.

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9. Cold Case Christianity

The book "Cold-Case Christianity" by J. Warner Wallace offers readers ten principles of cold case investigations. These concepts are then utilized to assess the reliability of the eyewitness narratives found in the gospels.

10. Church Answers

You'll discover helpful resources, knowledgeable professionals, and a supportive community here at Church Answers to guide you through the highs and lows of ministry and the well-being of your church. The most prevalent issues we get asked about church development, revitalization, and leading more effectively are what guided the organization of our extensive library of free materials and our individualized solutions.

11. Deep Spirituality

The direct, immediate, intense, and personal encounter with God comes from having a Deep Spirituality which enables us to go beyond the bounds of our humanity. When we reach and maintain this level of spirituality, we transcend what is known as "the elemental spiritual forces of this world." It is another way of expressing the idea that we no longer confine ourselves to what is attainable by humans.

12. iBelieve

iBelieve was created to assist women in working through the more complex problems that arise in the context of their religious beliefs about the wider world. They recognize, as Christian women, that people are up against a set of obstacles that are specific to their generation. iBelieve team of authors and bloggers hopes that by emphasizing human experiences, they will be able to elevate, challenge, and inspire an individual as they seek to live out their faith.

13. Bart Ehrman Blog

The Bart Ehrman Blog: The History & Literature of Early Christianity aims to educate readers who are not experts on some of the most fascinating and significant aspects of the New Testament and early Christianity. It is optional to have any specific educational or theological background to participate in the blog; anyone interested may do so.

14. Femelle Soul 

The purpose of Femelle Soul is to spread the gospel, with the particular goal of directing our efforts on women in the expectation that they will accept Christ as their savior and devote their lives to following him.

15. Christian Heart 

The Christian Heart is a ministry that does not make a profit and demonstrates how ordinary Christians live out their faith in everyday life. Everyone can't be Mother Teresa or Billy Graham. However, each individual can show their love for Jesus in how they go about their daily lives.

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