Israeli Christian leader warns of evil forces behind Hamas and Hezbollah threat

Holy Land, Jerusalem, Israeli government
Pexels/Haley Black

In a recently released article from the Christian Post (CP), Shadi Khalloul, an Israeli Christian leader, said that Hamas and Hezbollah, viewed as terrorist groups, are influenced by what he considers to be evil forces, specifically attributing it to Satan.

"All they care about is to wipe out Israel and kill Jews and Israelis," he argued that true peace in the region can only be achieved by defeating both of these groups.

Khalloul serves in various capacities, including as the director of strategic partnerships at the Alma Research and Education Center, which analyzes security issues on Israel's northern border, and as the president of the Israeli Christian Aramaic Association NGO. Khalloul lives in a community of Aramaean Christians in northern Israel, dedicated to preserving the Aramaic language.

Following a deadly assault by Hamas on Israel, there are concerns that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah may also become involved. Hezbollah is estimated to have a significant military force.

Khalloul expressed worry about the intentions of these groups as “a Christian living in the border,” as a citizen of Israel and as “a father”, emphasizing the need to dismantle and disarm them for lasting peace. He also warned potential targets in Israel that Hezbollah could strike, including strategic locations like gas fields and the city of Haifa, where both Jews and Christians reside.

According to The Times of Israel, The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reported that they deployed an Iron Dome missile against a "suspicious target" that entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon, suspected to be linked to Hezbollah.

In response to escalating border clashes, IDF declared the evacuation of “28 communities” near the Lebanese border, including Khalloul's own, as a precautionary measure. He explained that some residents in his community already chose to evacuate, though the exact numbers are unclear.

In order to protect themselves, the community Khalloul belongs to has been organizing squads to collaborate with the police and IDF in defense efforts.

The Israeli Christian Aramaic Association also partners with another organization called Christians for Israel (CFI) to support the military units defending the area, where they receive funding for essentials like food, clothing and water.

“This building trust and knowledge among them about our existence and our own support for them as well during this hard time."

He shared, "We are defending and fighting for life, for the life of people, for people to live freely and worship freely and believe in what they are as human beings"

“And so, hopefully, we will prevail, and we will win this evil, and we will take them down because we have no other choice," Khalloul added.

The potential that Hezbollah might gain control of Lebanon, which he believes the country could fully transform into an “Islamic Republic” leading to restrictions on practicing the Christian faith, is Khalloul’s biggest concern.