Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson recently released video footage showing a Chinese professor revealing the connections between the Chinese Communist Party and some of America's political and financial elites - particularly those who are not siding with US President Donald Trump.

Carlson, in an op-ed, details reasons why "our political class stood by as China degraded America and our way of life." The main reason for this, he said, is because "many of them are on the take."

The anchor started by discussing what happened in the recent years, particularly since President Trump was elected to position. He said that media and everyone have been talking about how Russia attempted to interfere with the US's affairs, particularly the elections where Trump won in 2016.

All the noise about the Russia hoax that has since been proven fake, Carlson said, appears to have been a cover for something that's real and serves as a clear threat to America and the American way of life. This cover up, he said, was emphasized by those who were greatly affected by Trump's victory: China and the Americans it is colluding with.

"In fact, top leaders in American government and business have been compromised by a foreign power that seeks to undermine our country and our democratic system. It turns out that many of the very people who ranted so hysterically about Russia were doing precisely what they claimed to decry. They were working on behalf of our chief global rival, the government of China," Carlson said.

The anchor then presented evidence to back up this claim. He showed short video footages of a Chinese professor named Di Dongsheng, who appeared on a Chinese TV show about Wall Street and international trade.

Di Dongsheng was a professor in Renmin University in Beijing, and is serving his country's government, the Chinese Communist Party, just like many others in the country.

In the videos, which have since been deleted from Chinese social media due to its explosive and incriminating nature, Di Dongsheng reveals or confirms a few important things:

First, China has infiltrated the highest positions in America

The Chinese professor told his audience that China and the US were able to settle issues very easily and in little time in previous years because the Communist nation has already infiltrated the highest offices in America.

"It's just because we have people at the top. At the top of America's core inner circle of power and influence, we have our old friends," Di Dongsheng said.

The professor did not mention names or provide much detail, but he did reveal that China had an agent working as a VP for a "top Wall Street institution." He also mentioned a female agent who is both an American and Chinese citizen.

Second, they have control over Wall Street

Di Dongsheng revealed that China has exercised much influence on Wall Street, which has a huge influence on American policy, for three to four decades now.

"For the past 30 years, 40 years, we have been utilizing the core power of the United States ... Since the 1970s, Wall Street had a very strong influence on the domestic and foreign affairs of the United States, so we had a channel to rely on," he said.

This influence over Wall Street served China well. It allowed the communist nation to rip off billions of dollars of American intellectual property and other things. This influence also effectively silenced those who it colluded with even when so many Americans have died from Chinese Opioids, Carlson noted.

Third, they are against Trump

China's influence on Wall Street, and America in general, however, was greatly hindered when President Trump sat in position as the POTUS in 2016.

"But the problem is that after 2008, the status of Wall Street has declined, and more importantly, after 2016, Wall Street can't fix Trump."

Fourth, they want Biden to win

The professor also revealed how the Chinese government is hoping that Biden will be the US President for the next four years:

"But now we're seeing Biden was elected [laughter]. The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they're very close to Wall Street," he said.

He indicated that America's financial and political elites are "close to Wall Street," where China exercises a lot of influence. His words, how he delivered them, and how his audience responded to this comment, also indicates the CCP's stand on the Democratic candidate who previously said he was running for the Senate.

Fifth, Trump's accusations regarding Hunter Biden are true

Lastly, the Chinese professor confirmed President Trump's accusations about Joe Biden's son, Hunter, as having colluded with China:

"So you see that, right? Trump has been saying that Biden's son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that? Who helped him [Biden's son] build the foundations? Got it? There are a lot of deals in all these," he said.