Ignoring negative criticisms thrown against her early this week, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard introduces another pro-life bill protecting pain-capable preborn babies, reports say.

The Daily Caller reported that Gabbard, who previously ran for President, was commended by pro-life organizations Democrats For Life America and Pro-Life San Francisco arm for her efforts to protect children even though the full text of her upcoming bill is still unavailable.

"The future of California, the Democratic Party, and all of America is pro-life!" Pro-Life San Francisco said, as per the Daily Caller.

In their Facebook page, Pro-Life San Francisco highlighted the importance of the two recent bills Gabbard introduced.

"Democratic House Rep and former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has introduced two crucial bills, one to protect pain-capable fetuses and another to ensure the provision of healthcare for abortion survivors," Pro-Life San Francisco said, "Both are fundamental to ensuring justice for UCSF's most vulnerable victims of fetal organ harvesting, and we are inspired to see them originate from a left-leaning national legislator."

Meanwhile, Democrats For Life announced in their Facebook page that Gabbard's second bill "would amend Title 18 of the U.S. code" to give pain-capable babies rights under the law.

"Tulsi has previously voted against this bill three times, but is now the SPONSOR of the new bill. This is proof that DFLA can convince Democrats to join the right side of history. Thank you Tulsi!" stressed the Democrats for Life.

The said organization launched a campaign inviting other Democrats and the general public to support Gabbart on this particular bill through a signup page online.

In the said campaign site, Democrats For Life cited three main reasons why people should support Tulsi on the bill, it is: "pro-child", "pro-science", and "pro-woman." It is pro-child because "it protects pre-born children from a painful death at the hands of unscrupulous abortion doctors." It is pro-Science because Science "has revealed the humanity of the child in the womb" and that "a child born at 22 weeks has a 35% chance of survival." It is pro-woman because "research shows that a woman seeking an abortion at 20 weeks is 35 times more likely to die from an abortion than she was in the first trimester."

The Democrats For Life campaign site also added the following reasons why one should sign in the support page:

  • If a baby can be born at 22 weeks and survive outside the womb, her life shouldn't be terminated inside the womb.

  • At 22 weeks, the mother can feel her baby "kick." The baby can respond to her mother's voice and touch. She can smile, grimace, stick out her tongue and suck her thumb.

  • This bill would not penalize or criminalize women.

The Daily Caller also reported that a similar legislation was pushed prior to Gabbard's bill but it failed with the number of votes needed for it. Entitled "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act," the bill intended to ban abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

Allegedly, as per Live Action, there is a debate on what age an unborn child would start to feel pain since a 2005 study says 27 weeks, other doctors say it's 20 weeks, another studies show it to be 13 weeks, and yet another saying it to be earlier at 8 weeks.

Regardless of the actual time an unborn child feels pain, Live Action highlighted the fact that "anesthesia is never used on preborn children before they are suctioned, dismembered, or lethally injected during abortion procedures."