Americans are allegedly worried about President Joe Biden's apparent mental decline seen in his lapses during speeches given the past weeks.

A report by CBN News said questions mount over Biden's mental state since he has not given any press conferences or state of the union in the fist 100 days of his office unlike prior presidents, raising speculations that he is in hiding or avoiding live speeches.

CBN News cited a virtual feed to Democrats where Biden accepted to take questions but said something as though he was "taking orders from someone else" before the feed was cut off completely.

"And I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do Nance," Biden addressed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, "whatever you want me to do."

Then there's the short speech Biden gave Saturday afternoon regarding the passage of the COVID-19 relief bill in the Senate where he described the bill as bipartisan even though no Republican voted for it in Congress, CBN News said. The said passage of the bill is but a preliminary version because it was only the House version that got approved and the Senate version is still in the works.

Author Julie Kelly pointed out this lapse in Biden through a tweet on Sunday, "Just watched his whole 10-minute monologue and this did happen. Also tries to describe bill as bi-partisan even though not a single Republican in either chamber voted for it."

Kelly retweeted the video on Biden's clip regarding the COVID-19 relief bill that was posted by self-described Pro-Trump Patriot Maggie VandenBerghe, which was viewed more than 578.1K times as of writing.