As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan comes to an end this week, Muslims fast and pray more deeply, hoping to improve their chances of being closer to God. Many Christians across the world have taken it upon themselves to pray for them.

CBN has teamed up with Uncharted Ministries for a five-day interview series involving former Muslims who have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Several former Muslims testify about how they came to believe in Jesus and prayed that others might too.

They also shared about their lives before embracing Jesus as their Savior and are looking to see how Jesus will save more of their kin on the holiest night in Islam, the "Night of Power."

While many Christians see Jesus as a metaphorical figure, several accounts from Muslim-background believers state that he appeared in a literal robe to those that he named "peace be upon me." They, among others, are learning that Jesus was more than a prophet and that He is, in fact, the Son of God.

"Once you have Jesus in your life, it changes everything," says Nadine.

"God opened my heart to believe, and I put my faith in Jesus," confirmed Afshin.

"He's not a mad angry God who created me. He's not that. He created me with so much love," testified Yasra.

During "Jesus and Ramadan" week, Afshin, Nadine and Yasra found the "Absolute Truth." You can check their stories at "I Found The Truth" website.

Instead of rejecting the Jesus of Islam (Isa-al Masih), Christians would do well to learn that even in their inaction or unwillingness to engage Muslims, Jesus will keep looking and drawing more sheep to bring to his fold.

Thomas Doyle of Uncharted Ministries reports that believers from a Muslim context would take time to ask questions as well as time to discuss with Christians to grow in their understanding of the word of God.

"We're going to have Emily from your team in Jerusalem and Josh from our team here in Dallas, asking them questions - how did they find Christ, in Iran, in Baghdad and Iraq, and sharing their stories. And then they're going to give a call to action to believers in the West on how to reach out to Muslims," Doyle told CBN's correspondent.

It is relevant to do this during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan because of its eternal value.

Doyle explains that the last week is the most important since it is known as "The Night of Destiny" for Muslims -the night of divine appointment where they reach out to God and expect to be heard.

"That is the number one night of the year that Jesus appears to Muslims in dreams," he said. "They're searching for God, and Jesus accommodates that request - but they're shocked and they're surprised when a man in a white robe comes to them and tells them that He loves them and He died for them on the cross."

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