On Instagram Tuesday, Christian worship leader Sean Feucht said that Facebook officials admitted that they have, for the last five months, been blocking and suppressing his pages.

"Dangerous content" was cited as the cause, according to Feucht.

"Crazy news today, but not surprising," he wrote in his caption. Nonetheless, he is overjoyed that large crowds continue to gather every night at Let Us Worship events throughout the United States.

"Not sure how people are even hearing about the events to come! But Even BIG TECH CANT STOP the move of God!" he added.

With that said, and using the hashtag #BreakTheAlgorithm, he invited his followers to help them get past Big Tech's AI by sharing and commenting on their social media accounts. One of his followers said that he verbally tells people about him and personalizes the message by giving links to videos on YouTube.

What's the backstory here?

In a statement to CBN News, Feucht said: "Facebook's heavy-handed censorship has me squarely in the crosshairs. For months, Facebook has 'reduced distribution' on my page because they claim I 'shared false news.' I can't turn ads promoting my albums or causes that are near and dear to my heart, all because Facebook's views clash with mine."

"Facebook points to '3rd-party independent fact-checkers' as the cause of my censorship, but they fail to mention that they selected the fact-checkers," he went on. "We've seen that what Facebook believes is a lie one day, turns out to be true the next. The double standard is frightening and dangerous, and something must be done. Silicon Valley has no business regulating free speech."

The church outside the building

 At a time when governments were clamping down on churches and outlawing Sunday services, Feucht founded "Let Us Worship" in the summer of 2020. It was as a sort of protest as well as a means of spreading revival that he brought his worship sessions on the road, going from state to state.

CBN noted that numerous men, women, and children have given their lives to Christ as a result of their attendance at Let Us Worship events. Many people have given up their addictions and expressed their newfound faith by being baptized in the name of Jesus while attending Feucht's outdoor worship services.

To allow people all around the globe to experience the dramatic effect of this "mobile church movement," the Let Us Worship team has routinely uploaded videos and photographs of these moving events on social media.

The worship videos, which reveal the actual beauty of God rescuing and healing people's lives, caused several social media users to struggle to keep their emotions under control.

Healing and deliverance following the preaching of the Gospel

In April, thousands of worshippers crammed into a tent in Springfield, Missouri to join Feucht and his band in praising and praying. I t was an extremely charged experience for the worshippers as they experience deliverance from their vices and illnesses.

More folks have dedicated their lives to Christ and have witnessed God's healing wonders in Georgia and Alabama over the course of the last month.

His album "Let Us Worship - Azusa," which was dropped on March 3, debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes chart and garnered a five-star rating from fans.