Ark Encounter CEO and Answers in Genesis Founder Ken Ham responded to protestors' allegations on Saturday that the theme park "only employs Christians who sign (their) Statement of Faith."

It is true that greatness will always be envied, as after the Ark Encounter was named the most popular site of attraction in Kentucky, its founder Ken Ham stated in a series of tweets that a group of 50 atheists affiliated with an atheist organization staged their annual anti-Ark Encounter protest on Saturday.

"Our ministry & attractions employ 700 full time people and up to 600 seasonal workers & this results in thousands of flow on jobs in Northern Kentucky," wrote on his tweet. "Also, we contract with hundreds of other workers for various contracting jobs. The result is tens of millions of dollars coming into the State of Kentucky. How many jobs does this local atheist group provide? None as far as I know."

Along with the tweets, Ham also posted pictures of the protesters, including one sign board that included photos of Ham and others who were branded as "lying to you for money."

"Facts from a former creationist: there was no ark, evolution is real. These people are lying to you for money" reads the entire statement on one protestor's cardboard.

Of course, those who read and believe the Bible know that the allegations attacking Scripture are not true.

Protestors aside, Ham was pleased to announce that 7,700 guests visited the Ark and that nearly 10,000 people visited both the Ark and the Creation Museum on the same day.

Adds to the publicity

In 2016, the Christian Post reported that Ark Encounter founder Ken Ham expressed thanks for the free publicity after the group of atheists protested at the site. Thousands of people are said to have visited the Ark even before it was officially opened to the public.

An atheist organization located in Union, Kentucky, known as the Tri-State Freethinkers, was identified as one of the opposing the Ark Encounter at that time.

Ham also said at the time that the Ark is serves a platform for Christians to advocate for their religious views.

Still makes an impression even to atheists

 In September 2016, the Ark Encounter blog stated three ways that the Ark Encounter offered possibilities for impacting the lives of those who identify as atheists.

Firstly, establishing relationships. When around 60 atheists convened at the end of the exit to Ark in July 2016 to protest the grand opening of the Ark, a group of Christians went to the demonstration to deliver the message of the gospel with the atheists. They supplied the protestors with food and drinks and had respectful discussions from their various world perspectives.

Secondly, the introduction of atheists to Bible truths.

Atheists were given personal tours of the Ark Encounter during the first few days of its operation, and staff members were given the opportunity to share the gospel with them. The staff members were able to provide scientific evidence from a biblical viewpoint on many of the topics that atheists disagreed with as the groups went through each display.

The blog states that although the atheists who visited the Ark retained their religious views after their tour, they were, at least, exposed to the biblical truths portrayed in the displays.

Thirdly, the sharing of the gospel that never gets old. That was made possible through the distribution of the Noah's Ark Gospel Tract, which has resulted in many discussions with atheists and other nonbelievers.