Gordon G. Chang, a distinguished senior scholar at Gatestone Institute, suggested that Communist China's scientists developed pathogens that would produce "civilization-killing disease."

China specialist Gordon G. Chang published a piece for the Gatestone Institute on the advantages to the Chinese Communist Party when diseases cripple other countries' economies.

"If Chinese scientists succeed in designing pathogens targeting only foreigners, the next microbe, virus, or germ from China could end non-Chinese societies. This will be Communist China's civilization-killer," wrote Chang.

"The next pandemic, therefore, could be the one that leaves China as the world's only viable society. The world, therefore, needs something far more important than justice or compensation. It needs deterrence," he added.

Chang cited Cleo Paskal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies as saying to American Consequences that the CCP evaluates nations using a methodology known as Comprehensive National Power.

So far, the COVID outbreak demonstrated that "Beijing can become the world's most powerful country" if its CNP rating was increased or other countries' ratings were lowered.

The issue for the West, according to Chang, is that President Biden has been nonchalant about the danger and has not insisted that China pay for the damages caused by COVID-19.

"So far, Biden, with his feeble reaction, has shown Xi Jinping that Beijing can, without cost, kill millions of non-Chinese with a pathogen. Xi, unless stopped, will certainly do so again," he said decisively.

This was owing to Biden's lack of interest in holding China responsible. Chang said that Biden spoke with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping for two hours in February and did not bring up the issue of the virus' origin once.

He wrote further that Biden seems to have authorized the intel investigation on May 26 only after the outrage created by a CNN story that his State Department had canceled a Trump-era and Mike Pompeo-led probe into the virus that day.

On August 27, the Biden administration reportedly published a summary of the intelligence community's (IC) study on the origins of COVID-19. The IC, comprised of America's 18 intelligence agencies, was only able to make a few conclusive findings.

"The IC remains divided on the most likely origin of COVID-19," the report says.

"China's cooperation most likely would be needed to reach a conclusive assessment of the origins of COVID-19. Beijing, however, continues to hinder the global investigation, resist sharing information and blame other countries, including the United States," states their conclusion.

Biden, in conjunction with the summary's release, said: "The world deserves answers, and I will not rest until we get them."

While agencies under Biden's government claimed it needed more evidence, Chang argued that the world already knew enough to start putting harsh sanctions on China.

He pointed out that Beijing's reluctance to disclose vital information when it has a responsibility to do so is sufficient justification for imposing harsh penalties on the country.

Chang highlighted two more compelling grounds for China's sanctions.

He said that Chinese authorities hid and subsequently lied about SARS-human-to-human CoV-2's transmissibility, claiming COVID-19 was not infectious when they knew it was.

"While they were locking down Wuhan and other cities, these officials were pressuring other countries to accept arrivals from their country without restriction. They had to know they were, considering everything, spreading the disease, making the 4.5 million deaths outside China look intentional," Chang said.

Second, he claimed that China's military is developing a new wave of viruses, citing a 2017 edition of the Science of Military Strategy that included "specific ethnic genetic attacks" by the National Defense University.

Chang explained that over the last half-decade, Chinese "military researchers and analysts" had written about viruses of this kind, and that US officials had expressed concern that these scientists had experimented with "germ weapons capable of attacking ethnic groups."

Moreover, the Chinese military's deliberate effort to obtain genetic profiles of foreigners while prohibiting the transmission of Chinese profiles outside China is further evidence that the Chinese military is developing ethnically tailored bio-arms in violation of its responsibilities under the Biological Weapons Convention, he added.